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It Is Possible to Kill Submarines, Even If You Can't See Them
Make a guess where the Submarine is and this click on Attack Ground with your Battleship and select the area. This works best with Battleships but you can also try this with Catapults. You'll find that Destroyers are not as effective because they do not deal enough damage in one blow, but it is also possible to use Destroyers attack ground ability to kill Submarines also.

Watch for where the Submarine is firing from. If you are controlling the ship wait until the Submarine fires then click on Attack Ground right where you think the ship fired from. The key is to be ready to click on the Submarine right after it fires. This can be hard to impossible if the person controlling the Submarine moves each time after firing which is the defense against players who try Attack Ground.

If you are controlling the Submarine and you are attacking a ship, then move right after every shot. Try to move in a random pattern so the enemy will not know where to attack. Move somewhere where you think the ship won't expect you to be. By hitting and running it is very difficult for the enemy using Attack Ground to hit your Submarine. You will find splash damage and lucky shots are the only worry at this point. ship to kill the submarine with attack ground.

Battleships vs Catapults
Most people use Attack rather than Attack Ground when using Catapults. Use this to your advantage. Keep your ship moving toward a Catapult until it fires, The after it fires, wait a second then attack the Catapult. By moving toward the Catapult as it fires, the Catapult will fire over the ship, missing it. After firing, the enemy will most likely run, if they run, you run as well waiting until the Catapult moves within range again. If they move closer, which most Catapult users do, turn your ship around and charge them. Keep moving forward again, until they fire then click on attack the Catapult.

[ Click to Enlarge - 47 KB ]
2 Battleships move away to bait the Catapult toward the Shore.

[ Click to Enlarge - 49 KB ]
Once the Catapult has reached the Shore the Battleships reverse course and head toward the Catapult. The Catapult fires as they Battleships move toward it.

[ Click to Enlarge - 41 KB ]
The Catapult over fires the Ships missing.

[ Click to Enlarge - 38 KB ]
While the Catapult is still stuck in firing mode, both Battleships fire taking the Catapult out with two shots.

If you are controlling the Catapult do the opposite. Keep the Catapult moving and wait until the Battleship fires. After it fires, move forward letting the shot fire over, then return fire at the Battleship then run. Try using attack ground and fire ahead of the moving ship so that it moves into the path of your fire.

Often when two experienced players meet a hit and run war develops. In this case the advantage is often when the ship commander but the person defending can often use multiple Catapults to drive off an attack.

[ Click to Enlarge - 52 KB ]
After the enemy Battleship has fired two Catapults move in and take a shot at the Battleship.

[ Click to Enlarge - 57 KB ]
The two Catapults now run away from the Battleship before it can respond well out of range of it's fire.

Lock ("We got lock baby!")
When you right click attack on an enemy unit with a Destroyer, it will follow them and kill them unless something kills the Destroyer or it gets lost. This is really useful when attacking Transports with Destroyers. Just get a right click on the Transport, fire and forget. Quite often the Transport commander will devote a lot of time trying to get away from the Destroyer which unless other Ships get involved, is pretty hard to do. Land locks are often not as effective as water locks because there are many obstacles players can use to hide behind to confuse the enemy.

Got a lock on you?
If you have a Transport with a Destroyer or two locked on, forget about that Transport, it's dead. head to the nearest shore, enemy or not, and unload quick! If you can Blizzard, or set up a trap, lead the Transport and the Destroyers on it back into the track.

If you have an enemy locked onto your Peon or Peasant, build a Farm, then cancel it. This will break the lock. If the enemy isn't paying attention they will find their unit has stopped following the Peon.

Killing Transports
It is very difficult to kill moving Transports with Battleships. Try using attack ground to shoot really far ahead of their path, hoping they will run into the path of the fire. Although this rarely works, it's still worth trying.

The best way to to kill a Transport is to get a lock on it with a Destroyer.

Unloading and Loading Transports

There are server options available for unloading troops from a Transport. After a ship has left shore, select the Transport and hit U for unload then select where you want your Transport to unload. You can also move the Transport onto shore then hit U or click on the unload button, which will instruct the units inside to exit the Transport. If you have a specific unit you want unloaded, select the Transport then click on the portrait of the unit you wish to unload.

Loading units can be more difficult, select a unit then right click on the Transport. The Transport will move to pick up the last unit commanded to enter the Transport. If the Transport has difficulty reaching the shore or unit in question it will sometimes stop. Be sure to check the progress of the Transport, moving it to the proper location if necessary. When unloading and loading units at the same time, make sure the unit unloading from the Transport is quickly moved out of the way as it often blocks units trying to board the Transport.

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