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On Various Water Maps such as Spiral, Water Maze, and some others, you occasionally, get the chance to set up road blocks. This is a great task to give to idle Tankers once they have mined out their Oil spot. Road blocks have the potential for stopping Transports from getting through when the enemy is not directly controlling their ships.

Transports that are simply moved and not watched will stop at the Tanker Blockade.

An enemy Transport comes across a Road Block

The enemy now knowing how to get past the Road Block tries to unload but is sunk by the Pursuing Juggernaughts.

Breaking through the Road Block

Transports don't seem to adhere the normal rules that apply to every other unit. They can pass right in between other units. It doesn't matter if units are in their way or not. The Transport will head right between them.

To get past Road Blocks select the Transport and instruct it to unload at a point past the Road Block. It will pass right through the Oil Tankers blocking the pass.

A Transport is able to get through the road block.

The Transport is also able to get through the roadblock.

Usefulness of the Block

If the enemy knows how to get past the Road Block this trick is pointless but against most average players and a many good players, it works great.

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