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Some of the Warcraft II lingo you may hear...


Death Knight

ot or o/tower
To offensive tower someone. Towers are built inside or outside the town, and more Towers are built until they can cover the town.

Orc Juggernaughts. Human battleships are often called Juggernaughts as well

Goblin Sappers usually refer to both Orc Goblin Sappers and Human Demolition Squads.

Often used to refer to both Grunts and Footmen.

Often used to refer to both Catapults and Ballistas.

Town hall
Often used to refer to all versions of the Great Hall and Town Hall.

Instead of building a lot of early Footmen, Lumber Mill and Towers are built to defend against the early Footmen invasion.

Early in the game, a Barracks is built between the enemy's Town Hall and Gold Mine. Usually done on high resources but still possible on other resources.

Hall on the Sea
The Town Hall can be hit by Battleships which means it is too close to the water.

People who purposely intend to not expand or head out around the map but instead try to defend their town and get other players to attack it.

Good Game

gl gp
Good Luck, Going Private

Free For All, Each player is by themselves

Grunt Rush
A slang term coined by Tou to originally refer to building a Barracks first before Town Hall which was an exploit in the tech tree fixed in Warcraft II Battle.net Edition. Later Grunt Rush has evolved into meaning attacking early with Grunts or Footmen.

Foundry Hop
This is the method of building a building in the rivers on High Seas Combat or other map then attempting to get the Peasant to pop out on the other side of the river. This can be done by building it in certain locations and repairing with a lot of Peasants while it buildings.

Mage Bomb
A term and strategy pioneered by Shaf which involves a Mage casting Blizzard on the enemy once, then on itself killing or damaging enemy units that charge the Mage.

A slang term coined by Warp! and Shlonglor to mean good or famous players using fake names to hide from people then attempting to beat other players. It is only a "Smurf" if those players win.

NaTe Formation
Building 4 Farms around the Town Hall using the Town Hall as a wall. Pioneered by NaTe. For more information go here

POS, Plains of Grunts
Plains of Snow

Fierce Ocean Combat

High Seas Combat

Bridge 2 Bridge Combat

A term that sometimes means new player but also is used to mean a player is not very good.

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