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This page contains information about unit possiblities for your army. This is by no means a complete guide but instead some random hints.

Replace Footmen with Knights
Footmen are useful for ranged attackers when using Defend but typically you will want to replace your Footmen with Knights. Make sure you research all of the armor upgrades to raise the Knights' armor to 11. Use Knights in Combination with Sorceress Slow, and Priest Heal and/or Inner Fire.

Use your spellcasters!
Both the Priest and the Sorceress are an important part of the Human army. You should build up to them and use them along with your army. Healing and Slow are the most popular uses for those casters.

Hero Combos
A very popular combo in team games is the Archmage and Blood Mage for Flame Strike, Blizzard, and Brilliance. The Brilliance Aura helps both Heroes. Flame Strike and Blizzard doesn't stack entirely so it's best to stagger the casting of the two. Another popular possibility is an Archmage and Paladin with the Paladin to heal the Archmage. In smaller games the Mountain King is seen a lot, sometimes with a Paladin to heal him. It's up to you to find out what works best for you.

In 1 vs. 1 and 2 vs. 2 you often see Archmage with Water Elementals followed by the Mountain King.

[ Click to Enlarge - 175 KB ]
The Archmage and the Blood Mage use Blizzard and Flame Strike on the enemy.

Balanced Human Army
In Solo and 2 vs. 2, it's good to build up a small balanced army. Two Heroes, Sorceresses, Priests, Footmen (then Knights), and some Riflemen are a good group seen often in the hands of top players.

[ Click to Enlarge - 144 KB ]

[ Click to Enlarge - 168 KB ]

3 Heroes
Using three Human Heroes can be a very powerful strategy in the hands of a good player. Some say that three Human Heroes compliment each other the best of the four races Heroes. The Paladin can use Holy Light to heal the other Human Heroes. The Archmage's Brilliance Aura can regenerate their mana. The Archmage's Teleport ultimate can Teleport all three around. The Paladin's Aura increases their Armor. The Mountain King's Thunder Clap ability stuns anyone who gets close. The Paladin can use Divine Shield if they start targeting him. The Archmage's Water Elementals can tank and hit air units. Some players are so good that they can win only using three Humans Heroes and no regular units. The Blood Elf Mage or Neutral Heroes can also be worked in instead.

Archmage Rush
Construct a Farm. Next build an Altar of Kings. Use other Peasants to speed build (repair) the Altar. Send out one Militia to scout the map and find a Human player preferably, or an Orc or Undead player. As soon as the Archmage is finished, instantly hit F1 to select him, and right-click on the enemy town. You should have scouted before the Archmage was finished training. As your Archmage is on the run, spend your one skill point in Blizzard. This attack is all about time and you cannot afford any delay. Move the Archmage into the enemy town and begin Blizzarding the Peasants, Acolytes, or Peons that are mining Gold. If they move them away, or chase you with enemy Heroes or units run. Come back in a few seconds when they have placed their workers back on Gold and do it again. If you run into trouble use a Town Portal Scroll to teleport back home. You can also do this with Water Elementals instead.

You can use other teammates doing the same thing to further make this more effective. Using this method you can really put the enemy behind. The success of this attack depends on your ability to build at home while controlling the Hero and on how good the enemy player is. This will work a lot better against inexperienced players than it will against good players. This attack is easily countered by Dread Lord using Sleep, Keeper of the Grove using Entangle, or Mountain King using Storm Bolt. Orc players can use their Burrows. When the enemy clearly has a defense, it is best to run away and continue with the game.

The Humans can be very good in FFA games with their Siege Engines, Mass Teleport, TOUGH Towers, and Invisibility.

[ Click to Enlarge - 158 KB ]
This Human is set up to camp. He has Arcane Towers, Magic Sentry, Siege Engines, Peasants to Repair, all the building armor upgrades, and more. His Farms are blocking his towers and he is set up on a ramp. His town was very difficult to beat.

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