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September 21, 2005

Ladder Season Three Around the Corner - Araxas
Warcraft III has been updated in recent days with the 1.19 patch and many of the maps available for ladder play have received a fresh coat of polish. We're pleased to present the first in-depth look at Ladder Season III and our new ladder implementation.

August 16, 2005
Warcraft III: Check and Farseer win Season Two 2v2 - Araxas
Congratulations to the Korean night elf and orc tandem of Check and Farseer, who are the new Season Two 2v2 champions! In the finals, they were up against the defending champions from Season One, Remind and Soju. Check and Farseer took the first map, a wild game on Twisted Meadows, and then followed up with a strong victory on Avalanche.

We'd like to thank everyone who participated in both the ladder and tournament portions of Season Two, and we look forward to seeing everyone again during Season Three.

  • Download replays of the Season Two 2v2 Finals here.

August 8, 2005
Warcraft III Ladder Reset - Araxas
Details for the upcoming Ladder Season Three will be revealed in a few weeks. To accomodate this new season, all Warcraft III ladders will be reset soon. The precise date for both the new season and the ladder reset will be announced in the near future.

August 1, 2005
Warcraft III: Korea's Big Day in Season Two - Araxas
Congratulations to WE.Remind, who has been crowned the Warcraft III Season Two Champion! He defeated 4K.Fury 2-1 to win his second consecutive solo championship. After Fury took the opening game on Twisted Meadows, Remind switched from his customary race choice of Night Elf to Orc. Although seemingly a strange strategy, he had confessed before the match that he was weakest against Undead, Fury's race of choice, when he played Night Elf. Perhaps anticipating that his opponent would practice the Undead vs. Night Elf match-up, and with a solid background of 356 wins/30 losses on Kalimdor playing Orc, the switch paid off and he came from behind to win the next two matches on Turtle Rock and Gnoll Wood. Congratulations again, Remind!
  • Download the Remind (Korea) vs. Fury (Sweden) replays here.
Remind has also advanced to the finals of the 2v2 championship with his longtime partner, Undead player Soju. Last week the tandem defeated 2winners (aka nc.dude) and 2winnerz 2-0 to advance. In the day's other Korea vs. Sweden match-up, the Northrend champions Zipper and Target took on Farseer and Check. In what proved to be a very close set of matches, Farseer and Check won 2-1 with a finale on Lost Temple to advance to face Remind and Soju in an all-Korean 2v2 finals match coming soon.
  • Download the Farseer/Check (Korea) vs. Zipper/Target (Sweden) replays here.
  • Download the Remind/Soju (Korea) vs. 2winners/2winnerz (USA/Vietnam) replays here.

July 19, 2005
Warcraft III: Season Two Solo Tournament - Araxas
Both solo semi-final matches for Ladder Season Two have now concluded. Congratulations to 4K.Fury, who won 2-0 over SK.HoT, and to WE.Remind, who won 2-0 over ShowTime!

June 30, 2005
Warcraft III: Azeroth Finals + Grand Final Match-Ups - Araxas
Congratulations to Rival.Showtime who defeated nc.dude (2-0) to win the Azeroth Solo Gateway tournament. He will now advance to the overall championship.

Replays of the Azeroth finals are available here.

Also, one of the Blizzard programmers was "voluntarily" relieved of his hat today. We then used it to randomly draw the match-ups for the championship for both the solo and 2v2 competitions listed below:


  • SK.HoT (internationale) vs. 4K.Fury (Fuji[SpeeD]
  • WE.Remind (PhoeNix_ReMinD) vs. Rival.Showtime
  • 2v2:

  • Remind & Soju vs. 2winners & 2winnerz
  • Farseer & Check vs. Target & Z1pper.

  • June 26, 2005
    Gateway Solo Tournament - Araxas
    The Ladder Season Two Solo Tournament is underway! Results and replays have been pouring in as the action unfolds across the gateways. The games can be followed live through media in several languages:

    • WCReplays (English ShoutCast) - IRC coverage on #kim&kim
    • NiceGameTV (Korean video broadcast)
    • Gamesports (German ShoutCast) - IRC coverage on
    • Net-G Radio (French ShoutCast) - IRC coverage on #netg
    Note that not all these media will be covering each competition. Please check with their respective websites or IRC channels for specific coverage details.

    Kalimdor (Asia)

    In a bracket packed with familiar names from the Korean and Chinese professional scenes, no one was certain whether defending Kalimdor champion PhoeNix_ReMinD, now WE.ReMinD, would be able to defend his Season One title. Although many top players play on the ladder under "smurf" accounts to protect their strategies, anyone familiar with the who's who of competitive Warcraft III would recognize top gamers such as Farseer, Spirit_Moon, 4K.FoV, GoStop, WE.Sweet, and Rainbow among the qualified Kalimdor entrants.


    PhoeNix_ReMinD (Night Elf - aka: WE.Remind) defeated BerA.WeRRa (Orc)
    MyLady (Night Elf - aka: Spirit_Moon) defeated a_headache (Orc - aka: Farseer)


    PhoeNix_ReMinD (Night Elf) defeated MyLady (Night Elf) 2-0!

    Northrend (Europe)

    As with the Kalimdor bracket, Northrend's qualifications also yielded many of the world's best Warcraft III players. Among the qualified players were MadFrog, playing in one of his first tournament events since coming back from retirement, 4K.ToD, defending Gateaway champion SK.Insomnia now playing as "oakley", Creo, and 4K.Grubby.


    internationale (Night Elf - aka: SK.HoT) vs. Echizen-Kun (Night Elf - aka: SaSe)
    CantChat. (Undead - aka: ^MadFrog^) vs. GrrGrrrGRRRAUW (Human - aka: Bjarke)


    internationale (Night Elf) defeated CantChat. (Undead) 2-0!

    Azeroth (US-East)

    Although traditionally not considered as strong a bracket as those in Europe and Asia, Azeroth nonetheless drew a strong field of players. Top western hemisphere clans such as jNg and U5 each had several players qualify, as well as Season One 2v2 winner Rival.Showtime and defending gateway champion mTw-Ghostridah.


    Rival.Showtime (Night Elf) defeated mTw-Ghostridah. (Orc) 2-0
    nc.dude (Orc) defeated xE.BrO (Undead) 2-0


    Rival.Showtime (Night Elf) vs. nc.dude (Orc) -- Coming Soon!

    *Due to s late start and very long games in the catch-up Quarter Final rounds, the Azeroth final was not played. The make-up game will take place early next week.

    Lordaeron (US-West)

    Lordaeron's bracket was up for grabs this Season, with defending champion Rival.Showtime having qualified on Azeroth instead. Going into the first day of matches, among the favorites were 4K.FuRy, who had qualified through the WC3L finals, ShortRound, and rS.Etched, who rececently represented North American at ACON5.


    Fuji[SpeeD] (Undead - aka: 4K.FuRy) defeated westchamp 2-0 (Human - aka: rS.Etched)
    crap999 (Random) received forfeit win vs. Arena (Night Elf -- no show))


    Fuji[SpeeD] (Undead) defeated crap999(Random) 2-0!

    Download Season Two Replay Packs
    Collections of replays, sorted by gateway, are now available. Please note that some packages may be incomplete.
    June 22, 2005
    Warcraft III: Season Two Lordaeron 2v2 Bracket - Araxas
    The remaining matches of the 2v2 tournament on Lordaeron have been completed. Congratulations to 2winnerz and 2winners, who defeated BobBarker[GGL] and DonVito[GGL] in the gateway finals with a 2-1 score. They will now advance to the finals.

    June 20, 2005
    Warcraft III: Season Two Solo Tournament - Araxas
    The solo competitions of Season Two will take place on June 25 and 26. The first day of competition will continue for three rounds, while the second day will consist of two rounds. Please note that the final dates are slightly different than the ones announced several weeks ago.

    Kalimdor: June 25 - 1pm Seoul Time (GMT+9), June 26 - 1pm Seoul Time (GMT+9)
    Northrend: June 25 - 1pm CEST Time (GMT+1), June 26 - 1pm Seoul Time (GMT+1)
    Lordaeron: June 25 - 1pm PDT Time, June 26 - 1pm PDT Time
    Azeroth: June 25 - 1pm EDT Time, June 26 - 1pm EDT

    Players are responsible for attending on time and calculating the time difference with their home country. We suggest using to assist with time conversions.

    The map pool for the solo competition will be as follows: Lost Temple (RoC), Gnoll Wood, Twisted Meadows, Turtle Rock, and Echo Isles. A first map will be assigned for each round, and the losing player may select the next map to be played. Note a revision to the previously posted rules for the solo competition: Any single map, including the assigned starting map, cannot be played more than once in a match.

    For more information, please consult the newly updated Schedule page.

    June 12, 2005
    Gateway 2v2 Tournament: Day 2 - Araxas
    Arranged teams have been battling across all four gateways for the coveted spots in the final cross-gateway tournament. Three of the four teams representing each gateway have now been determined. Due to a team's disqualification late in the Lordaeron bracket, the fourth gateway finalist will be determined at a later time.

    Congratulations to the 2v2 gateway champions:

    • Kalimdor: PhoeNix_ReMinD & PhoeNix_SoJu
    • Northrend: Target & Zipper
    • Azeroth: DontCryBaby & shanghaiguy
    • Lordaeron: to be determined
    The 2v2 gateway runner-up team wins prize packages consisting of a Sound Blaster® Audigy® 2 ZS, Razer Diamondback mouse, Razer eXactMat mousepad, D-Link DGL-4100 router, and a copy of Microsoft XP Home. Congratulations:
    • Kalimdor: ShowTime.weRRA & RendeyQ
    • Northrend: SexyPoncho & SexyPonka
    • Azeroth: KoD-Axslav & KoD-Hero
    • Lordaeron: to be determined

    Replays are now available for the day 1 games on Azeroth, Lordaeron, Northrend, and Kalimdor. Day 2 game replays are available for Azeroth, Northrend, and Kalimdor.

    June 11, 2005
    Gateway 2v2 Bracket Replays: Day 1 - Araxas
    Below are ZIP indexes of the replay action from the first day of the Ladder Season 2v2 brackets.

    June 9, 2005
    Warcraft III: Season Two Channel & Info - Araxas
    The 2v2 gateway tournament of Season Two is less than one day away from beginning!

    Games will be hosted by a host that is mutually agreed upon by both participants. In the event of one player disconnecting, that game will result in a loss unless the opposing team agrees to hold a rematch. No spectators except the shout casters, game hosts, or Blizzard referees will be allowed in the matches. Both players are required to save the replay files from a match and then email them to an address determined by the event staff. Players entering the channel after their match time is scheduled to begin may automatically result in a forfeit loss.

    The tournament channel on all gateways will be called Season Finals. Please note that this channel will be moderated. We recommend that users not participating in a match follow the events through the coverage provided on rather than by visiting this channel. Any persons found to be disruptive to the running of the event will be banned from the channel, and may have additional actions taken against their associated account(s).

    Please also note that the WC3L Season 7 champions, the 4 Kings, have selected their players for the 32nd seeds of the solo tournament. 4k.Zeus and 4K.Fury will be representing the team on US.East and US.West respectively. Since all of 64AMD's eligible players had already qualified, they did not use their seeds. Therefore, the first alternate player for realms Europe and Asia that qualified through the ladders have been given the respective seeds.

    June 9, 2005
    Warcraft III: Season Two 2v2 Schedule & Maps - Araxas
    As was previously announced, the 2v2 competition for Ladder Season Two will commence Saturday and Sunday, June 11-12, on all Gateways.

    The map pool for the 2v2 competition will be: Avalanche, Twisted Meadows, Wetlands, Lost Temple (RoC), and Gnoll Wood (TFT). Full details may be found here on the schedule page.

    The Gateway competition will be taking place at the following times:

    Kalimdor: June 11 - 1pm Seoul Time (GMT+9), June 12 - 1pm Seoul Time (GMT+9)
    Northrend: June 11 - 1pm CEST (GMT+1), June 12 - 1pm CEST (GMT+1)
    Lordaeron: June 11 - 1pm PDT, June 12 - 1pm PDT
    Azeroth: June 11 - 1pm EDT, June 12 - 1pm EDT

    All teams are encouraged to contact their opponents beforehand and agree to a suitable hosting solution. Exact hosting rules and channel information will be posted tomorrow.

    June 8, 2005
    WarCraft III: Korean Season Two Coverage - Araxas
    In addition to the previously announced coverage, Ladder Season Two will also be covered in Korean by NiceGameTV.

    May 27, 2005
    Warcraft III Season Two Tournament Dates - Araxas
    The Season Two 2v2 tournament will be taking place on June 11th and 12th. The solo tournament will be taking place on June 24 and 25. Exact times for each gateway will be announced early next week. In addition, we will be announcing the map pools at that time.

    May 16, 2005
    Warcraft III: Season Two Brackets Up! - Araxas
    The brackets and seedings for players in the final tournament have been published on the Season Two website! We'd like to congratulate all the players who qualified and wish them good luck in their quests to become champions.

    In the coming days, we will be releasing the tournament map pools and event dates. In the meanwhile, we highly suggest that all who qualified for the event read the newly updated FAQ.

    May 4, 2005
    Warcraft III: Season Two Ladder Ends as Tournament Set to Begin - Nebu
    The three-month ladder portion of Season Two has drawn to a close. We will be posting the brackets of qualified players in the near future for all Warcraft III solo and 2v2 ladders on Congratulations to all players who will be advancing to the next stage!

    The exact date of the final tournament is still to be established. It will most likely take place in early or mid-June to avoid time conflicts with events such as ACON5 and the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Stay tuned to the Season Two webpage for more information in the coming days and weeks.

    April 29, 2005
    Warcraft III: WC3L Finalists To Play in Season Two - Araxas

    Competitive Warcraft III gaming doesn't just take place on; it also occurs in off-line events and tournaments. Today, we're pleased to announce a cooperative effort with one of the top independent Warcraft III leagues, the WC3L.

    The 32nd seed in each gateway's solo competition in the upcoming Season Two tournament will consist of players nominated by each of the top two teams at the upcoming WC3L finals in Cologne, Germany. Each gateway will have one such entry.

    We feel this will be an exciting way to broaden the competition by mixing the top Warcraft III gamers with those who compete primarily at LAN competitions.

    April 28, 2005
    Ladder Season Winding Down - Nebu

    Only a few days remain to earn positions in the Season Two championship tournament!

    We're also pleased to share an important announcement about the tournament prize pool. While the total cash and prize pool of over $25,000 is one of the world's largest for an online-only tournament event, we've been keeping one item secret to help motivate players in these waning days of the ladder season competition.

    At the expense of Blizzard's tournament team, the grand champion solo player and 2v2 team will also receive a box of delicious cookies to go along with their big checks and cutting-edge computer hardware. Our researchers believe this may also be the world's first opportunity to win cookies by playing an online game, which will certainly add to the prestige enjoyed by the champions.

    April 12, 2005
    Twenty Days Left for Ladder Season Two! - Nebu
    There are only 20 days left for players to fight their way to the top of the WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne solo and 2v2 ladder rankings. On May 2, the top players and teams will be offered spots in the final tournament, where cash and prizes are waiting to be won.

    Currently holding the top seed on each realm in the solo competition are:

    Lordaeron: IronAge - level 53
    Azeroth: KoreanHacker - level 57
    Northrend: CantChat. - level 59
    Kalimdor: lOv)Shaya - level 57

    Best of luck to all ladder players and teams in this race to the finish!

    April 7, 2005
    WarCraft III: Ladder Season Two ShoutCast Coverage - Helcon
    We're pleased to announce ShoutCast coverage in three languages for the upcoming Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Ladder Season Two tournament. Streaming information and schedules will be made available on the websites and IRC channels of each e-sport shoutcasting group: will be providing both English and German language live coverage.
    • English coverage irc: #kim&kim on
    • German coverage irc: on
    NetG. will be covering the Ladder Season Two finals live in French.
    • irc: #netg on

    March 21, 2005
    Season Two F.A.Q. Updated - Helcon

    For those unfamiliar with common tournament terminology, the Season Two F.A.Q. has been updated with a glossary.

    March 7, 2005
    Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Map Lineup Updated - Helcon

    The selection of maps to be used for all formats of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne ladder games have been updated. Players may recognize a few of their favorites returning for this latest rotation as well as the introduction of a few new maps. We'd like to wish all players good luck on these battlegrounds, both new and old.

    March 2, 2005
    Accounts Closed For Ladder Abuse - Helcon

    Approximately 4,000 accounts have been closed for various abuses of the Warcraft III ladders, including the use of "loss bots." Blizzard maintains an aggressive stance against cheating of all kind and will continue to ensure that the ladders are a fair and safe place to play Warcraft III. The accounts in question have been closed, and the affected players have been barred from ladder play on any account for a period of 30 days. In cases where this is the second instance of abuse or cheating, the accounts have been permanently banned from all ladder play.

    To report suspected use of map hacks, please email with as much information as possible. A false report filed by one player against another will not result in action against the falsely accused party. To report suspected abuses of the Warcraft III ladders, please visit the forums for further information.

    February 7, 2005
    Season Two Purse Increased! - Helcon

    We're happy to announce that the Season Two purse has increased. The Worldwide Solo Champion will now receive $7000, up from $6000. Each member of the Worldwide 2v2 Champion team will receive $4000, up from $3500. This is in addition to the existing hardware and software prizes that were already announced.

    A number of entries have also been added to the official F.A.Q., which can be found here.

    January 31, 2005
    Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne: Ladder Season Two - Helcon

    We're pleased to announce the launch of Ladder Season Two. The top solo and 2v2 players on all gateways will be invited to participate in a season-ending tournament based on their ladder standings as of May 2, 2005 at 8 p.m. UTC (Universal Time Coordinated). In this tournament, invitees will attempt to dethrone Season One reigning champions PhoeNix_ReMinD, Rival.Showtime, and RendeyQ. Players will have the chance to compete for their share of a purse of cash and prizes worth over $25,000, and claim their places as the new Gateway and Overall champions! Season Two is being generously sponsored by top hardware and software companies: Microsoft, Alienware®, Creative Labs, Razer, D-Link, and Ideazon.

    To create additional incentives for ladder players to participate actively on the ladders, we are removing the level and experience caps on all four Gateways. This change will allow players to increase their level beyond the current 50 maximum, and will paint a clearer picture of who the top ladder players truly are. Additional information about how these changes will impact ladder players can be found in the F.A.Q. Note that the ladders will not be reset. The ladder changes are designed to create a perpetual ladder environment without dampening motivation for players reaching a cap.

    In order to help foster a fair playing field for Season Two, over 12,000 accounts were banned on January 20th. Blizzard maintains an aggressive stance against cheating and will be taking further actions going forward against players who use cheats and programs that violate the Terms of Use.

    Regular updates as Season Two progresses will be posted to this webpage. Good luck to all ladder players!


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