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Jewel Magic Prefixes and Suffixes

Items shown in yellow can appear on both Magic and Rare Items. Items shown in violet can only appear on Magic Items but not Rare Items.

For more information about these abilities see General Magic Prefixes and General Magic Suffixes.

Magic Prefixes
 Available On
Blanched +5-8 Defense Jewels(1)
Eburine +9-20 Defense Jewels(16)
Bone +21-40 Defense Jewels(32)
Ivory +41-64 Defense Jewels(64)
Scarlet +1-4 To Minimum Damage Jewels(8)
Crimson +5-8 To Minimum Damage Jewels(38)
Carbuncle +1-5 To Maximum Damage Jewels(12)
Carmine +6-9 To Maximum Damage Jewels(35)
Vermilion +11-15 To Maximum Damage Jewels(58)
Cinnabar +5-10% Damage Jewels(1)
Rusty +11-20% Damage Jewels(13)
Realgar +21-30% Damage Jewels(45)
Ruby +31-40% Damage Jewels(66)
Dun +7-12% Damage Taken Goes To Mana Jewels(7)
Brown Heal Stamina Plus +10-15% Jewels(39)
Chestnut +10-15 Max Stamina Jewels(1)
Maroon +16-25 Max Stamina Jewels(17)
Nickel +10-20 To Attack Rating Jewels(1)
Tin +21-40 To Attack Rating Jewels(8)
Silver +41-60 To Attack Rating Jewels(25)
Argent +61-100 To Attack Rating Jewels(44)
Bright +1 To Light Radius, +10 To Attack Rating Jewels(1)
Emerald +3-7% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items Jewels(16)
Zircon +5-10 Mana Jewels(3)
Jacinth +11-15 Mana Jewels(17)
Turquoise +16-20 Mana Jewels(29)
Shimmering All Resistances +5-10 Jewels(16)
Scintillating All Resistances +11-15 Jewels(34)
Lapis Lazuli Resist Cold +5-15% Jewels(2)
Sapphire Resist Cold +16-30% Jewels(19)
Garnet Resist Fire +5-15% Jewels(2)
Ruby Resist Fire +16-30% Jewels(18)
Camphor Resist Lightning +5-15% Jewels(2)
Ambergris Resist Lightning +16-30% Jewels(19)
Beryl Resist Poison +5-15% Jewels(2)
Jade Resist Poison +16-30% Jewels(19)
Aureolic +1-3 Mana Per Kill Jewels(22)
Diamond +25-50 To Attack Rating vs Demons, +25-40% Damage vs Demons Jewels(26)
Pearl +25-50 To Attack Rating vs Undead, +25-50% Damage vs Undead Jewels(18)
Magic Suffixes
Malice Attacker Takes Damage of 1-5 Jewels(37)
Fervor 15% Increased Attack Speed Jewels(39)
Frigidity 1-5 Cold Damage - 2 Second Duration Jewels(16)
Passion +1-3 Minimum Fire Damage And +6-10 Maximum Fire Damage Jewels(15)
Ennui +1 Minimum And +10-20 Maximum Lightning Damage Jewels(15)
Ire +2-5 To Maximum Damage Jewels(4)
Wrath +6-9 To Maximum Damage Jewels(11)
Carnage +11-15 Maximum Damage Jewels(25)
Joyfulness +1-4 To Minimum Damage Jewels(5)
Bliss +5-10 To Minimum Damage Jewels(43)
Envy +20 Poison Damage Over 2 Seconds Jewels(1)
Truth 7% Faster Hit Recovery Jewels(44)
Honor Replenish Life +1-4 Jewels(47)
Avarice +10-30% More Gold Jewels(1)
Prosperity +5-10% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items Jewels(26)
Spirit +3-8 To Life Jewels(1)
Hope +9-20 To Life Jewels(45)
Freedom Requirements -15% Jewels(1)
Icicle +2-3 Minimum and +6-10 Maximum Cold Damage - 2 Second Duration Jewels(37)
Glacier +4-5 Minimum and +11-15 Maximum Cold Damage - 2 Second Duration Jewels(58)
Fire +4-10 Minimum and +11-30 Maximum Fire Damage Jewels(36)
Burning +11-25 Minimum and +31-50 Maximum Fire Damage Jewels(57)
Lightning +1 Minimum and +21-60 Maximum Lightning Damage Jewels(36)
Thunder +1 Minimum and +61-100 Maximum Lightning Damage Jewels(57)
Daring +1-9 Dexterity Jewels(7)[1-3](19)[4-6](36)[7-9]
Knowledge +1-9 To Energy Jewels(9)[1-5](24)[4-6](41)[7-9]
Virility +1-9 Strength Jewels(18)[1-4](33)[5-6](50)[7-9]

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