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Act I Super Unique Monsters

Corpsefire (Zombie)
Special Attributes: Spectral Hit
Found in: The Den of Evil

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Bishibosh (Fallen Shaman)
Special Attributes: Magic Resistance, Fire Enchanted
Found in: The Cold Plains

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Bonebreaker (Skeleton)
Special Attributes: Extra Strong, Magic Resistant
Found in: The Crypt

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Blood Raven (Corrupt Rogue Archer)
Special Attributes: Fire Arrow
Found in: The Burial Grounds

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Coldcrow (Dark Ranger)
Special Attributes: Cold Enchanted
Found in: Act I, The Cave

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Rakanishu (Carver)
Special Attributes: Lightning Enchanted, Extra Fast
Found in: Act I, The Stony Field

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Treehead Woodfist (Brute)
Special Attributes: Extra Strong, Extra Fast
Found in: Dark Wood

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Griswold (Character from Diablo)
Special Attributes: Cursed
Found in: Tristram

Additional Information   Click here for more information on Griswold.

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The Countess (Dark Stalker)
Special Attributes: Fire Enchanted
Found in: Forgotten Tower

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Pitspawn Fouldog (Tainted)
Special Attributes: Cursed, Cold Enchanted
Found in: Jail Level 2

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Bone Ash (Burning Dead Mage)
Special Attributes: Extra Strong, Cold Enchanted, Magic Resistant.
Found in: The Cathedral

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The Smith (Special)
Special Attributes: Extra Strong
Found in: Barracks

Additional Information   Click here for more information on The Smith.

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Andariel (Act Boss)
Special Attributes: Poison Strike, Poison Cloud
Found in: Catacombs Level 4

Additional Information   Click here for more information on Andariel.

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