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Real-time Strategy games often requires you to strive to do things as quickly and easily as possible, in as short as steps as possible to save time. Time that is saved can be applied to other duties which will allow you to play much better overall. StarCraft has many hot keys which allow you to do things much faster than clicking the mouse on the proper button. The more you use Hot Keys, the faster you will find you get things done. In addition to the standard Hot Keys for moving and attacking, the Protoss have many Race specific Hot Keys you might want to learn.


P - Probe

Z - Zealot
D - Dragoon
T - High Templar
K - Dark Templar

S - Shuttle
V - Reaver
O - Observer

S - Scout
C - Carrier
A - Arbiter
O - Corsair


B - Basic Structure.


N - Nexus.
P - Build Pylon.
A - Assimilator.
G - Gateway.
F - Forge.
C - Photon Cannon.
Y - Cybernetics Core.
B - Shield Battery.

V - Advanced Structures.


R - Robotics Facility.
S - Stargate.
C - Citadel of Adun.
B - Robotics Support Bay.
F - Fleet Beacon.
T - Templar Archives.
O - Observatory.
A - Arbiter Tribunal.

Special Abilities

T - Psionic Storm (Templar).
L - Hallucination (Templar).
R - Recall (Arbiter).
T - Stasis Field (Arbiter).
D - Disruption Web (Corsair).
F - Feedback (Dark Archon).
C - Mind Control (Dark Archon).
E - Maelstrom (Dark Archon).


L - Load (Shuttles).
U - UnLoad (Shuttles).
R - Recharge Shields (Shield Batteries).
I - Build Interceptors (Carriers).
R - Build Scarabs (Reavers).



W - Ground Weapons.
A - Ground Armor.
S - Plasma Shields.

Cybernetics Core

W - Air Weapons.
A - Air Armor.
S - Develop Singularity Charge.

Citadel of Adun

L - Develop Leg Enhancements.

Robotics Support Bay

S - Scarab Damage.
C - Increase Reaver Capacity.
G - Gravitic Drive (Shuttles).

Templar Archives

P - Psionic Storm.
H - Hallucination.
K - Khaydarin Amulet.
M - Mind Control.
E - Maelstrom.
T - Argus Talisman.

Fleet Beacon

A - Apial Sensors.
G - Gravitic Thrusters.
C - Increase Carrier Capacity.
D - Disruption Web.
J - Argus Jewel.


G - Gravitic Booster.
S - Sensor Array.

Arbiter Tribunal

R - Recall.
S - Stasis Field.
K - Khaydarin Core.

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