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Summon Archon
Summon Archon Cost: None

In times of great peril, High Templar warriors can sacrifice themselves and merge together as a powerful, Psionic entity: the Archon.

When two Templars are group selected, the option to summon an Archon is given. Once Templars have formed an Archon, the process cannot be reversed.

Summon Dark Archon
Summon Dark Archon Cost: None

Like their High Templar brethren, two Dark Templars sacrifice themselves in a psionic melding giving rise to the Dark Archon. The powers of these avatars of psionic might extend well beyond those of the regular Archon, more than compensating for their lack of any physical attack capability:

When two Dark Templars are group selected, the option to summon an Dark Archon is given. Once Dark Templars have formed a Dark Archon, the process cannot be reversed.

Psionic Storm
Psionic Storm Cost: 75 Energy
Range: 9

The Protoss are such powerful psychics that they can inadvertently send out psychic "ripples" that are disruptive to other life forms. With careful training, High Templar learn to focus these ripples into a Storm of raw psychic energy that is capable of literally tearing apart the minds of lesser species.

A Psionic Storm that is unleashed will damage all units under it.

Psionic Storm has no effect on buildings.

Psionic storm damages the Templar when it casts it upon itself.

Psionic Storm is not stackable so casting more than one on the same object at the same time does not cause more damage.

Psionic Storm does not damage units under a Stasis Field.

Hallucination Cost: 100 Energy
Range: 7

It is rumored that some High Templar have learned to create illusionary duplicates of other beings. While these phantasms have no physical substance, they can be used to draw fire away from friendly units or sow confusion amongst enemy forces.

Hallucination creates an Illusion which has the same appearance as a targeted unit - friendly or otherwise - but is unable to do anything but the five basic functions (move, stop, attack, patrol, hold ground). An Illusion may be instructed to attack and will appear to do so but its attacks will do no damage. The Illusion has a maximum life span of 180 seconds and does not use Supply/Psi/Control. If any special ability is used upon it, it is immediately dispelled. However, if attacked by normal means, the Hallucination will remain until its hit points are depleted, at which point it will dissipate.

Recall Cost: 150 Energy

Shuttles serve as the primary transport vehicle for Protoss ground troops, but recently the Protoss have found that the ability to rapidly bring more fighting forces to war zones is invaluable. The Recall ability creates a tear in the fabric of space-time, and any friendly units that enter the swirling vortex will instantaneously appear next to the Arbiter that initiated the effect.

Opens a 5x5 wormhole which teleports all friendly units in the wormhole to the caster.

You cannot Recall allies units, only your own.

You cannot Recall ground units onto spaces that is impassable to them normally. So you cannot Recall ground units into Water, Lava and so on.

Stasis Field
Stasis Field Cost: 100 Energy
Range: 9

In addition to destabilizing the very fabric of the universe to generate its distortion field, some Arbiters are capable of strengthening discrete pockets of space-time. Anything caught within these absolute pockets is beyond the reach of any normal interaction, friendly or otherwise. Units trapped in a Stasis Field can neither move nor attack, and are completely immune to the effects of damage and special abilities.

All units within a 3x3 area are trapped within a Stasis Field. While trapped, the units cannot be damaged, move, attack, or use special abilities. Lasts for about 40 seconds.

Feedback Cost: 50 Energy
Range: 10

All Dark Archon power stems from manipulation of psychic energies. So great is their mastery of these techniques that they can affect the energies of other beings. Creating a forceful whiplash effect, the Dark Archon turns the power of its enemies against themselves.

Targeted spell that when cast on a unit, that unit lose all of its mana and will take an amount of damage equal to the mana lost.

Mind Control
Mind Control Cost: 150 Energy
Range: 8

The ability to control the minds of others has long been thought to be impossible. This is the ultimate weapon in the Dark Archon's arsenal. Through a huge effort of will and energy, the Dark Archon dominates the mind of another being. This unit and its powers and knowledge now become the property of the Dark Archon.

The Dark Archon may take control of any unit when this spell is cast. The spell costs 150 mana and it will drain all the shields from the Dark Archon when it is cast.

Maelstrom Cost: 100 Energy
Range: 10

All living things have minds for the Dark Archon to shape and mold. With a powerful surge of mental energy the Dark Archon can stun a group of erstwhile attackers.

Area of effect spell (same size as Ensnare) that will stun (cannot move or attack) all organic units for several seconds.

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