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Download Warcraft III Maps Archive (last updated 9/20/2006) Here (41 MB)
This contains most of the maps but may not contain some of the latest maps.

Warring Marines have taken over Icecrown Glacier. Command your bomber force to destroy your opponent's town while scrambling to defend your own.
Suggested Players: 3v3
Tileset: Icecrown Glacier
Map Size: Small
Download Now! (580 KB)

The Cult of the Damned was known for massacring remote villages to supply their ghoulish experiments with innocents. With aerial support you can send the lieutenants of their latest raid back to Hell.
Suggested Players: 1v1
Tileset: Cityscape
Map Size: Small
Download Now! (134 KB)

Extreme Candy War 2005 is the latest version of Blizzard's Halloween map where Alliance and Horde fight it out on the battlefield. Fans of World of Warcraft will undoubtedly feel at home as ECW '05's heroes are based off their respective classes. The object is to crush your opponent's Candy Mages who channel an invulnerable shield around their Candy Vault. Once the Candy Mages are down, destroy their Candy Vault to win! This year's version features updated hero abilities, new items, and faster paced gameplay.

Winning strategies are heavily reliant on teamwork rather than individual effort. For example, it is extremely important to know when to push down certain lanes in small groups to eliminate strategic targets, such as a farm to decrease your opponent's aeon mob spawning or a tower that is hamstringing your efforts. A word of caution: beware the Extreme items and remember to upgrade your units!

Suggested Players: 4v4 or 5v5
Tileset: Outland
Map Size: Medium
Changes: Read here
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The unforgiving winter is upon us... a time when resources are scarce and flanks exposed. Call forth the warriors, for there could not be a better time to attack than now.
Suggested Players: 1v1 or 2v2
Size: Small
Tileset: Lordaeron Winter
Download Now! (166 KB)

For years the mages of Moonbrook have debated, "If a brave warrior falls in a forest with no one to hear it, then does it make a sound?"
Suggested Players: 1v1 or 2v2
Size: Small
Tileset: Village Fall
Download Now! (180 KB)

Nestled in the Arathi Foothills lies the pristine resort enclave where the wizards of Dalaran retreat from the front lines to recuperate while relaxing in steamy hot mana pools.
Suggested Players: 2v2 or 3v3
Size: Small
Tileset: Dalaran
Download Now! (136 KB)

This land is truly cursed. Rivers of poison, filled with demonic bile, eat away at the earth. Ancient wyrms, terrible and great, slumber quietly within the mire. Perhaps you know of a dragon slayer, jobless, up for hire.
Suggested Players: 2v2 - 4v4
Size: Large
Tileset: Felwood
Download Now! (414 KB)

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