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D22-soso vs. Chris_Low
Game: One
Map: Lost Temple
D22-soso Terran (random) Yellow Center Right
Chris_Low Zerg Blue Top Center
Length of Match: 14:09

(4)Lost Temple

The final match of this grueling tournament begins with D22-soso choosing to do battle on the most popular map of the tournament, Lost Temple. Chris_Low, deciding to command the Zerg Horde, finds his initial Hatchery upon the northern plateau. Soso decides to allow chance to determine his destiny, and will command a Terran force from the eastern mesa. Both players begin their economic buildup, with Chris_Low ordering his Overlord to begin searching for D22-soso's main base. As Chris_Low nears the control limit he orders an Extractor evolved, only to quickly morph a new drone and cancel the growing Extractor. As an SCV begins construction of D22-soso's first Barracks, the Zerg Overlord finds D22-soso's base of operations.

Knowing that his opponent is Terran, Chris_Low decides to forgo an immediate second Hatchery in favor of a Spawning Pool. This key decision will allow him to build a Lair faster, but at the expense of his economic development. To finance the more advanced units that will be available to him soon, Chris_Low also builds an early Extractor. Temporarily ignoring the presence of the ponderous Overlord above his base, D22-soso continues to prepare for the war. A second Barracks is hastily erected, and an SCV is sent out to divine what mischief Chris_Low is up to at his base. The SCV finds the Zerg base and the Lair that is building therein, but is soon attacked by a pair of ravenous Zerglings and quickly torn apart.

The Zerglings continue their rampage, but are turned away by four of D22-soso's Marines at the top of the ramp leading to the Terran base. The Marines decide to counterattack and follow the fleeing Zerglings all the way back into the heart of the Zerg creep, but they retreat upon sighting a Sunken Colony, Hydralisk, and two Zerglings. With Chris_Low's Lair complete and joined by a nearby Hydralisk Den, the incursion proves to not be a total waste as now D22-soso knows his enemy is preparing to unleash Lurkers.
Soso brings a few SCVs forward into the field, and constructs Bunkers and a Missile Turret below Chris_Low's ramp. Soso hopes to pin the Zerg on top of the plateau and prevent access to the rest of the battlefield, but makes a subtle mistake by building one of the Bunkers and the Missile Turret too close to the cliff's edge.

Chris_Low's three newly hatched Lurkers are able to use the long range of their Subterranean Spines to destroy the Bunker and Missile Turret only taking minimal return fire.

Soso begins to rebuild another set of defenses farther back, but in the chaos of the moment Chris_Low is able to sprint three of his growing number of Lurkers past the defending Marines towards D22-soso's main base. Soso tries to stop the Lurker's entry into his base by positioning two marines on the ramp leading up to his plateau, but the Lurkers merely burrow and force the Marines to move away from the lethal underground attack. The small delay does allow D22-soso to finish constructing a Bunker, Missile Turret and Comsat Station in his base. These meager defenses will have to try and hold off the incoming Lurkers.
Soso's cannot build defenses to combat the Lurkers in every section of his sprawling base, so Chris_Low burrows Lurkers in areas away from the defending Bunker and starts destroying outlying Terran buildings. Soso orders his Barracks to lift off and avoid the Lurker attacks, but several Supply Depots and other buildings are vulnerable and begin to burn to the ground.
Spotting a new angle of attack, the Lurkers unburrow and reposition themselves so they can attack D22-soso's Command Center. More Hydralisks and Lurkers are rushed into the enemy base, and the stalwart Marines prove unable to halt the incursion, even when the Hydralisks are commanded to cocoon in the midst of their home base.

Even when detected by a Scanner Sweep, the Gauss Rifles of the Marines cannot kill the Lurkers before being ripped apart by the endless rows of spines. The superior range of the Siege Tank might turn the tide for D22-soso, but attempts to build a Factory are halted by Lurkers killing every SCV assigned the construction task. With his base in flames and no way of dealing with the Lurkers now enveloping his base, D22-soso concedes and commends Chris_Low for a game well played.

Victor: Chris_Low

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