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D22-soso vs. Chris_Low
Game: Five
Map: Showdown
D22-soso Terran Red Top
Chris_Low Terran Blue Bottom
Length of Match: 35:37


The final confrontation takes place fittingly enough on the map Showdown. Both warriors select Terran for this final battle, perhaps in tribute to the old Terran tele-vid westerns where two gunfighters draw on each other and only one is left standing. It seems that they both may have shaky gun hands as both warriors seem more willing to talk than to do battle with each other. When the conflict commences, both generals begin their initial buildup and production of the Space Construction Vehicles (or SCVs) that they will need to harvest the essential minerals and Vespene gas to build their war machines. D22-soso sends an SCV south to scout his enemies position and that SCV passes an SCV of Chris_Low's coming north with a similar task. When those two brave scouting SCVs get to each other's respective bases they begin to battle with enemy SCVs before perishing.

D22-soso also builds a second Command Center next to the island on his right, and when complete he floats it over to land on the resource-laden island. The combatants both climb the tech tree with reckless abandon, but Chris_Low stops long enough to build a critical unit in this game, a lone and surly Vulture. This singular Vulture charges into D22-soso's base and goes on a rampage killing a marine and a number of SCVs before finally being stopped by a newly produced Vulture from D22-soso's Factory.

During the time the Vultures are fighting, D22-soso erects a pair of fully functional Starports. Perhaps he believes that control of the air will be the key to victory. D22-soso sends his victorious Vulture towards Chris_Low's base and that Vulture also sees some combat success.

Neither player is taking the time to construct a strong defense, choosing instead to concentrate on erecting the buildings necessary for the construction of more advanced Terran units. Chris_Low needs additional resources, and thus builds a pair of Missile Turrets on the ridge in the exact center of the battlefield intending on controlling the crucial resources beneath it. Chris_Low reinforces these Missile Turrets with Siege Tanks, adding a strong ground component to his defense of the middle. He then starts construction of a Command Center just to the south of that ridge, hoping that the high ground defenses will be enough to defend his new base.

This proves to not be the case as four of D22-soso's Wraiths discover this construction effort and swoop in, avoiding the high ground turrets and causing Chris_Low to cancel construction on the Command Center. Wraiths seem to be the unit of the day as one of Chris_Low's Wraiths finds a Dropship of D22-soso's that is intent on depositing troops in his base, and the Wraith engages the defenseless Dropship. The besieged Dropship immediately unloads its cargo of Marines and a Tank, and the Marines are able to drive off the attacking Wraith into the deadly missile fire of D22-soso's four Wraith squadron.

After building another Missile Turret as defense for his future base location in the middle of the battlefield, Chris_Low once more begins to construct a new Command Center. D22-soso's Wraiths arrive to once again to try and destroy the upstart base, but constant salvos from the Missile Turret force the Wraiths away. D22-soso's Dropship reloads the Marines and Tank into its bays, and tries to fly to the ridge behind Chris_Low's base. Chris_Low has Missile Turrets in his main base guarding the approaches to that ridge, and D22-soso instead decides to drop the ground force on the ridge just to the north.

D22-soso also takes the opportunity to further expand by building another Command Center at the mineral expansion to the south of his main encampment. Bunker and Arclite Siege Tank defenses are hastily erected in the canyon entrance nearby to destroy any foolish attempt to try and attack on the ground. These defenses prove inadequate against an air attack when Chris_Low sends a small group of cloaked Wraiths over the nearby ridge and begins to attack the SCVs already rapidly mining the minerals. This attack does not last long, as D22-soso's own Wraiths arrive to drive the enemy away.

Two Science Facilities are constructed in D22-soso's primary base, usually a sure sign that both Battlecruisers and Ghosts are soon being built. Inexplicably one of the Science Facilities lifts off and flies to the south where it is shortly shot down by Wraiths, while the other soon has a Covert Ops Center. Ghosts begin to appear from D22-soso's Barracks and they carefully prepare their C-10 Canisters rifles with special Lockdown rounds. Chris_Low has been undertaking a systematic construction effort of Missile Turrets on the high ridges about the battlefield, and D22-soso now sends in Wraiths to try and stop the plan. The Missile Turrets provide excellent battlefield intelligence information, and restrict the movement of D22-soso's Wraiths. Several of the Turrets are destroyed by laser fire before D22-soso's Wraiths retreat for repairs.

D22-soso decides to not make a costly frontal assault on Chris_Low's primary base, but instead reinforces his troops who have taken station on the northern ridge above the enemy base. Additional Siege Tanks as well as newly recruited Ghosts are transported to the ridge, and the Ghosts hop into a bunker to provide long range spotting for the long range firepower of the Siege Tanks. Siege Tank rounds begin to fall like rain upon Chris_Low's base, but the outer edge of the base consists of lower priority Supply Depots.

Chris_Low's response is to counterattack D22-soso's own bases, and a group of Wraiths are sent on a mission of destruction to the island in the northeast corner of the map. The pair of Missile Turrets guarding the base from attack are razed in a volley of laser fire, and the SCVs mining minerals and Vespene gas forfeit their lives. Chris_Low continues the Wraith attack into the main enemy encampment, but is soundly repulsed by a squad of upgraded Marines after they activate their Stimpacks. The Wraiths try to cloak and avoid the incoming fire, but a Scanner Sweep of the area reveals their position. The air force disengages to avoid too much damage.

Having blown away a small killing zone beneath the ridge near Chris_Low's base with Siege Tanks and his own Cloaked Wraiths, D22-soso drops Siege Tanks and additional ground troops to the space below the cliffs. The advance is halted when Chris_Low's Wraiths return to his main base and destroy the few of D22-soso's Tanks not on the ridge. Chris_Low attempts to expand once more to the resources just above the central plateau of the battlefield, but soon after the Command Center is complete D22-soso begins his final push.

A mass of Marines, Ghosts, and Siege Tanks pour down the central canyon seeking blood. Siege Tanks that get in the way are locked down by D22-soso's Ghosts then destroyed. An air war ensues between opposing Wraith groups, and with the help of a Science Vessel and the infantry below, D22-soso's Wraiths force Chris_Low's superior number of Wraiths to retreat.
The massive infantry and tank push continues unabated, and Chris_Low loses both central expansions in a matter of minutes. Chris_Low's Wraiths dart in to destroy momentarily undefended Siege Tanks and a Science Vessel, but dare not risk engaging the lethal infantry. The mass of Marines, Medics, and Ghosts continue to march down the canyon, and suddenly Chris_Low's main base is in extreme danger.
Defending Siege Tanks are locked down soon after they announce their presence with the thunderous roar of their Arclite cannons. Wraiths are shot down in droves by the murderous hail of bullets from the stimmed Marines below. Chris Low's base, already under long term siege from D22-soso's Tanks on the ridge, can no longer maintain any kind of defensive perimeter and buildings everywhere begin to burn. With his base in flames and only a handful of troops still available to him, Chris_Low resigns. D22-soso stands triumphant as the tournament champion.

Victor: D22-soso

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