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D22-soso vs. Chris_Low
Game: Three
Map: Medusa
D22-soso Zerg Yellow Mid Right
Chris_Low Zerg Red Mid Left
Length of Match: 13:01


This time the battle is destined to take place on the twisting ramps and pathways of Shakuras in the battleground known as Medusa. Both combatants feel that the Zerg are most at home in these winding channels and thus two factions of the Swarm will contest this place. The warring swarms appear across the battlefield from each other with Chris_Low at the nine o'clock position and D22-soso at the three o'clock position.

Both combatants immediately send their Overlords scouting to the south while producing the numerous Drones and an Extractor needed to gather the resources required for domination. D22-soso builds his Extractor, but cancels it after he has his ninth Drone hatching and thus gets a tenth Drone without having to build an additional supporting Overlord. Chris_Low evolves a Spawning Pool next and an additional Overlord to support his growing legion of Drones while Soso morphs in an Extractor, a second Hatchery and then a loathsome Spawning Pool of his own.

It appears that Chris_Low is heading straight for the mighty Mutalisk when he begins to evolve his Hatchery into a Lair. As Chris_Low is waiting for the evolution of his Lair to take place, he sends a pair of Zerglings out to scout for his elusive foe. Soso seems to be matching his every move as he sends out a pair of Zergling to scout as well, but Chris_Low finds Soso's base first.

The lone Zergling that discovers Soso's base wreaks more havoc than one might think for its small size, destroying two Drones and disrupting the harvesting when other Drones are forced to turn on their assailant. The second Zergling comes to attack Soso's town, but by the time he arrives Soso has hatched a number of Zergling of his own and in a brief fury of claws and blood Chris_Low's Zergling is killed. D22-soso then proceeds to build several more Zergling and ends up with near ten of them waiting impatiently in his base.

While Soso has been bolstering his Zergling horde, Chris_Low has expanded to the resource node just south of his base to increase his precious supply of Vespene gas.

At this moment it looks like the battle may very well be over as Chris_Low has completed his Spire and has three Mutalisks winging their way over to Soso's base of operations, and with Soso having no units that can attack the air and his Spire still incomplete.

The large size of the battlefield is what makes the difference here, as by the time the Mutalisks manage to cover the distance to Soso's base, Soso has completed his Spire and hatches four Mutalisks of his own as Chris_Low's begin to attack his Spire. A brief skirmish in the air ensues and Chris_Low's Mutalisks flee back to their base.
Soso's Overlord now finds Chris_Low's expansion and his Zerglings are on route to Chris's main base of operations. Chris_Low's Mutalisks are on defensive patrol now though and they kill first the Overlord that discovered his expansion and then cripple the Zergling force that is heading for his town. His Scourge are out on patrol hunting for targets as well and they slam into a pair of Soso's Mutalisks destroying them in their plasma explosions.

Both commanders decide the time is ripe for an attack and each sends their force of Mutalisks screaming towards the others main base. The forces miss each other in route and D22-soso's Mutalisks arrive at their destination first. His Mutalisks kill most of the hardworking Drones at Chris_Low's base, but they rapidly head for home when a newly morphed Spore Colony begins to fire on them at the same time Soso realizes that his main base is under siege by Mutalisks as well. Chris_Low's Mutalisks are able to rapidly destroy the Spire at Soso's base and this cripples him as he is no longer able to make more Mutalisks to continue the Battle in the Air.

After polishing off the Spire, Chris Low's Mutalisks kill off several Overlords and many Drones as well rendering the base near lifeless.
Before long Soso's Mutalisks return and they chase off the Mutalisk that were destroying his base. As the two groups fly off, one in hot pursuit of the other, Chris_Low sends in a second group of Mutalisk to continue the destruction of Soso's base while the first group of Mutalisk leads Soso's Mutalisks on a merry goose chase. Then, before soso's unwitting Mutalisk force can react, Chris_Low's Scourge catch them by surprise and soso finds his Mutalisk force ripped apart. Without his Spire and ability to continue to construct more Mutalisks and with his main town being destroyed by lethal Glaive Wurms, D22-Soso acknowledges that he cannot win this battle and concedes.

Victor: Chris_Low

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