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Tech support does not support triggers. Check either the help file that comes with the editor for answers to trigger questions.

AI Scripts
  • Exactly how do the custom AI scripts work?
  • Can I write my own AI scripts?
  • What do I do for Installation levels?
  • How do the "Set player to ally" and "Set player to enemy" scripts work?
  • Can you elaborate a little on the Insane scripts?
  • Can you elaborate on the Brood War Custom AI scripts?
  • How often and in what order do triggers fire?
  • How long does it take for a trigger action to take place?
  • Can you apply properties (cloaked, irradiated, etc.) with a Trigger?
  • What are Switches?
  • Can I use programming constructs like "if-then-else" or "do-while" loops?
  • What about variables and constants?
  • Will future Blizzard Entertainment titles use the Trigger system?
  • Can I enter Triggers in a text file and import them?
  • How do I get doors to open?
  • How do I make installation traps work?
  • Can I use the "Set doodad state" Action on other doodads like trees and space platform fans?
  • Why can't I create doodads with Triggers?
  • How exactly does the Give Units to Player trigger work?
  • What good is the Set Deaths action?
  • Why do extra units appear when I try to make units appear for a player?
  • How does the "Change Alliance" action work? Can I use it on a human player?
  • How does the "Preserve Trigger" action affect a trigger?
  • How do I create a generic Terran Marine hero that won't say, "Jimmy here"?
  • Can I edit or make my own portraits?
  • Can I make my own heroes?
  • Will I ever be able to add my own units?
  • Are you planning on adding a War2-style sound editor?
  • Why can't I modify all unit statistics, like firing range and movement speed?
  • How do I change the advisor portrait like you did at the end of the Protoss campaign?
  • Why can't I add splash screens through the editor?
Other Features
  • What exactly is the difference between the editor used by Blizzard to create the StarCraft and Brood War campaigns and the retail version of StarEdit?
  • Why are Locations square instead of isometric like the tiles?
  • Will there be a patch that allows for smaller brush sizes?
  • Can I pre-load transports and bunkers?
  • What are Forces and why do I need them?
  • Can I set the starting colors for each player on a custom map?
  • Can you make units rescuable only for a certain player?
  • How do I give units initial orders (Move, Attack, Patrol)?
  • How do I start with my Terran buildings flying? Zerg units burrowed?
  • How can I have a single player control more than one species?
  • What happened to the Compact option?
  • Why can't we use the "set next scenario" trigger in multi-player games?
  • What can we expect to see in future versions of StarEdit?
  • I have a great idea for a map, but it REQUIRES a Trigger that ________!
  • How do I create Observer slots for my maps?
  • I had a map open, then I moved the SCM file, and now StarEdit says it can't save my file. Why?
  • I have a map that crashes when I press Start in the Mission Briefing. Why?
  • What are the currently known bugs in StarEdit?
  • Why do my briefings show so fast and end so quickly?
  • How can I get my map "Blizzard Approved"?
  • What are the power-ups for?
  • I made a new map, but none of my Triggers are working and/or none of the units I placed are showing up.
  • My Display Text trigger isn't displaying text, but I know the Trigger is firing! What's up?
  • Some of the doodads, like ramps, are hard to place. Any tips?
  • I made a map, and as soon as I start to play it I win. Why?
  • How do I prevent the "Unit Unplaceable" error when using Create Unit?
  • Why can't I remove specific Map Revealers on my map?

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