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A warrior hero, exceptional at weakening enemies and melee combat. These massive Demons take sadistic pleasure from instilling crazed terror, and then slaughtering their enemies. Attacks land units.

Cost: 425 135 5
Attack Type: Hero
Weapon Type: Normal
Armor Type: Hero
Cooldown: 2.05
Range: Melee
Primary Attribute: Strength
Strength Bonus per Level: 3.2
Agility Bonus per Level: 1.3
Intelligence Bonus per Level: 1.5
Health Regeneration: Always
Mana Regeneration: .01
Day Sight: 180
Night Sight: 80
Speed: Fast (300)
Build Time: 55
Transport Space
Production Hot Key: I

Level Attack (Ground) Armor Strength Agility Intelligence Hit Points Mana
1 28-38 [33 avg] 2 26 14 14 750 210
2 31-41 [36 avg] 3 29 15 15 825 225
3 34-44 [39 avg] 3 32 16 17 900 255
4 37-47 [42 avg] 3 35 17 18 975 270
5 40-50 [45 avg] 4 38 19 20 1050 300
6 44-54 [49 avg] 4 42 20 21 1150 315
7 47-57 [50 avg] 4 45 21 23 1225 345
8 50-60 [55 avg] 5 48 23 24 1300 360
9 53-63 [58 avg] 5 51 24 26 1375 390
10 56-66 [61 avg] 5 54 25 27 1450 405

Hero Names: Azgalor, Brutillus, Mongrethod, Destromath, Gogonnash

The Pit Lord is a ferocious Strength hero! He can cast Rain of Fire from a distance to burn up low hit point units. He has Howl of Terror to lower the effectiveness of enemy troops. His Cleaving Attack gives him an edge when wallowing in hordes of enemy troops. His ultimate Dooms an enemy to a fate of unholy servitude to your Pit Lord.

Like most Neutral heroes, using the Pit Lord is a matter of choosing between his two big spells and then putting spare points in his minor skill. The "Rain Pit Lord" uses Rain to soften up enemy troops once or twice and then charges in with Cleaving Attack to finish them off. The "Howling Pit Lord" is the first one to enter combat and stays in the front line until he or his enemies die. His Doom ultimate is another tool for players (especially Banshee-using Undead players) to swing a large conflict to your favor from the outset.

Remember that the Pit Lord has a better-than-average Cooldown and benefits greatly from Claws of Attack or other attack-boosting items. Pit Lord can be healed by Death Coil and is harmed by Holy Light; this makes him a natural choice for Undead and a poor choice for Human players.

Rain of Fire
Calls down waves of fire that damage units in an area. Each wave deals initial damage and then burns enemies for 3 seconds.
Level Duration Cooldown Mana Cost Range Area of Effect Allowed Targets Effect Hero Level Req
1 3 sec. 8 sec. 85 80 20 N/A 25 wave damage, 6 waves, 5 damage/sec., 125 max damage 1
2 3 sec. 8 sec. 85 80 20 N/A 30 wave damage, 8 waves, 10 damage/sec., 150 max damage 3
3 3 sec. 8 sec. 85 80 20 N/A 35 wave damage, 10 waves, 15 damage/sec., 175 max damage 5

Rain of Fire Information
Rain of Fire has a damage cap that is invoked when it hits more than 5 targets per wave.

Similar to Blizzard, except it also ignites affected units, causing moderate damage over time to them. Additionally, it costs a bit more mana than Blizzard, has a longer Cooldown, and in all circumstances will do slightly more damage.

Rain of Fire is an area effect spell. This spell will damage all units including friendly units.

Rain of Fire will hurt your own troops so don't cast it on your own units or on allied units. Be sure to prevent your units from running into the Rain of Fire after your enemy steps out of it. Whenever possible aim Rain of Fire on low hit point units such as ranged units and spellcasters. Try to move the enemy into areas where their retreat is cut off so you can cast Rain of Fire on them. Cast Rain of Fire on any enemy units that can't run away.

Rain of Fire does 50% damage to buildings. Rain of Fire is not that effective against buildings but it can work.

Rain of Fire will not hurt enemy units with Spell Immunity such as Night Elf Dryads, Undead units with Anti-Magic Shell, Undead Infernals, or Creeps with Spell Immunity.

Rain of Fire Counters
This spell must be maintained to get the full effect. If the Pit Lord moves, the spell will not do its full damage. The waves of fire will stack their effects on the area of effect. Force the Pit Lord to move from his location. This will stop the Rain of Fire.

You can interrupt this spell with spells such as:

Humans: Sorceress - Polymorph (uncastable on heroes)
Humans: Dragonhawk Rider - Aerial Shackles (uncastable on ground units)
Humans: Mountain King - Storm Bolt
Humans: Mountain King - Bash (uncastable on air units)
Orcs: Raider - Ensnare
Orcs: Tauren Chieftain - War Stomp (uncastable on air units)
Orcs: Witch Doctor - Stasis Trap (uncastable on air units)
Orcs: Shadow Hunter - Hex
Night Elves: Druid of the Talon - Cyclone (uncastable on air units)
Night Elves: Keeper of the Grove - Entangling Roots (uncastable on air units)
Undead: Crypt Fiend - Web (uncastable on ground units)
Undead: Dread Lord - Sleep
Undead: Dread Lord - Inferno (uncastable on air units)
Undead: Crypt Lord - Impale (uncastable on air units)
Neutral: Dark Ranger - Silence
Neutral: Dark Ranger - Charm (uncastable on heroes)
Neutral: Goblin Tinker - Cluster Rockets
Neutral: Pit Lord - Doom (uncastable on heroes)
Neutral: Fire Lord - Soul Burn
Neutral: Fire Lord - Volcano
Howl of Terror
The Pit Lord lets loose a terrifying howl that causes nearby enemy units to shiver in fear, reducing their attack damage.
Level Duration Cooldown Mana Cost Range Area of Effect Allowed Targets Effect Hero Level Req
1 15 sec. 12 sec. 75 N/A 50 Air, Ground, Enemy, Neutral 30% attack damage reduction 1
2 15 sec. 12 sec. 75 N/A 50 Air, Ground, Enemy, Neutral 40% attack damage reduction 3
3 15 sec. 12 sec. 75 N/A 50 Air, Ground, Enemy, Neutral 50% attack damage reduction 5

Howl of Terror Information
<TillerMaN> Are you shaking yet?

The Pit Lord screams a bloodcurdling cry which causes nearby enemy units to have reduced damage for a limited time. Think of it as a 'reverse' Roar.

Cleaving Attack (Passive)
The Pit Lord strikes with such force that he damages multiple enemies with his attack.
Level Duration Cooldown Mana Cost Range Area of Effect Allowed Targets Effect Hero Level Req
1 N/A N/A None N/A 20 Ground, Enemy, Neutral 30% damage is splash 1
2 N/A N/A None N/A 20 Ground, Enemy, Neutral 55% damage is splash 3
3 N/A N/A None N/A 20 Ground, Enemy, Neutral 80% damage is splash 5

Doom (Ultimate)
Marks a target unit for the manifestation of a Demon. The afflicted unit will take 40 damage per second until it dies. Upon its death, a great Demon will spawn from its corpse. Doom cannot be dispelled or canceled.
Level Duration Cooldown Mana Cost Range Area of Effect Allowed Targets Effect Hero Level Req
N/A N/A 120 sec. 150 65 Unit Air, Ground, NonHero, Organic Creates Doom Guard 6

Doom Information
Don't let the enemy unit get away. The Doom Guard lasts 180 seconds.

The basic idea with this is to use it on a fresh enemy unit to negate their investment or to use it on a nearly dead unit of your own to avoid giving experience points to your enemy.

You cannot use Doom on Creeps above level 5.

Doom Counters
Run the "doomed" unit away, possibly into allied towers or somewhere annoying to the enemy player.

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