Blaze on January 28, 2008
Jim Raynor was a Confederate marshal on Mar Sara at the time of the first zerg incursions on that world. Despite bravely fighting the alien aggressors and saving many lives, he was arrested by Confederacy forces on the pretext of destroying Confederate property at Backwater Station. When he was subsequently liberated by Arcturus Mengsk's Sons of Korhal, an anti-Confederate revolutionary group, Raynor chose to fight alongside them...

Learn more about StarCraft II's main characters and their complex intertwining stories in the character biography of Jim Raynor, the first installment of our StarCraft II character biography series.

Frost on January 25, 2008
The StarCraft II Community section of the official StarCraft II web site is now live. Here you'll find up-to-date links to the latest developer Q&A batches, BlizzCasts, regularly updated community spotlights, latest forum discussions, and future community projects. Head over to the StarCraft II site now and check it out!
Blizzard on January 10, 2008
Join our Community Team going behind the scenes to experience the world of Blizzard game making in the first installment of our new Blizzard Podcast BlizzCast.

In each episode we'll be interviewing your favorite Blizzard developers and staff, giving you a glimpse of what it's like from their perspective to make the games you love.

To kick off our BlizzCast series, we've decided to begin where every great Blizzard idea begins, at the concept level. To speak with us we have Samwise Didier, our Art Director and concept artist for many of the popular Blizzard icons you've grown to love, such as the Pandaren, Fel Orcs, Dark Templars, Zerglings, and many more. We'll be chatting with Samwise on how he came up with the characters he did, as well as what it is like to work on both the Warcraft and StarCraft franchises.

Check out the new BlizzCast page here.
Blaze on January 8, 2008
We have added a new terran unit, the siege tank.
The Crucio is the Dominion update of the immensely popular but aging Arclite siege tank. The Arclite was renowned throughout the Confederacy for its devastating firepower and stalwart emplacement/advance tactics. Originally designed to serve as a "final defense" security cannon, the siege tank adopted a two-stage configuration in its final form: a mobile assault mode and a deployed siege mode that brought its massive shock cannon to bear.
Read more about the siege tank here. We have also added two new artwork and one new screenshot.
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