Nebu on August 28th, 2009
The new re-issue of Eminence Symphony Orchestra's two-disc Echoes of War: The Music of Blizzard Entertainment standard edition has now arrived. The album features 15 unique arrangements, with several pieces from the yet-to-be-released StarCraft II and Diablo III. Ninety minutes of music are featured in all, with bonus tracks arranged by special guests including the critically-acclaimed composer Kow Otani. The new standard edition package, showcasing a redesigned cover art piece, will be available in major retail outlets for $24.98. The Legendary Edition is also available online and at retail for $49.98, and comes with a bonus documentary DVD, nine art cards, and a bonus 32-page booklet. Visit the official Echoes of War website or participating retailer to hear samples, learn more, and order your copy today.
Nebu on August 11th, 2009
Congratulations to the winners of July's "Vespene Laughs" Comic Contest -- and thanks to everyone for all of the humorous and creative entries we received.

To enter this month's contest, simply create your own original comic based on StarCraft universe, and submit your comic by August 15. The funniest and most creative will win some great prizes, including StarCraft II beta keys for the month's best comic. This will be the last chance to win StarCraft II beta keys from the Comic Contest! Check out the official rules for more information.

Nebu on August 5th, 2009
Think you know who will win the StarCraft, Warcraft, and World of Warcraft tournaments at BlizzCon 2009? Intel is running a contest where you can put your predictive powers to good use.

Visit to get details on how you can register to "Choose a Champion." Participants who choose the tournament winners correctly have the opportunity to win one of three ASUS G50VT gaming laptops. Entry closes August 21, 2009 at 11:00 a.m. (PST).
Nebu on August 5th, 2009
The map pools for the BlizzCon StarCraft Invitational and Warcraft III global finals have been determined, and are listed below. Each player will be able to eliminate two maps prior to each match and then select a map they wish to play on to determine the map order. Check out the BlizzCon website for more details about the tournaments.


-Colosseum II
-Heartbreak Ridge
-Neo Medusa

Warcraft III:

-Ancient Isles
-Echo Isles
-Melting Valley
-Secret Valley
-Terenas Stand
-Turtle Rock
-Twisted Meadows
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