Blaze on April 17th, 2008
There are two weeks left for you to submit your picture in the official I <3 SC contest and we have another goodie for you! Several fansites have also started their very own contests. Join the professional gamers from Meet Your Makers in their "I <3 SC" contest and win a MYM mousepad and teamshirt! The "I <3 SC Continued" contest from StarCraft-Source.com offers Battlechests as additional prizes and get your questions answered with the contest StarCraft Legacy has set up. For our Czech friends, you should head over to StarCraftCz to submit your picture! Further contests can be found on inStarcraft.de (German), StarCraft-Source.de (German), JudgeHype (French), Starcraft-esp.com (Spanish), and Starfeeder.com.
Blaze on April 16th, 2008
The storyline of StarCraft II takes place four years after the events of StarCraft: Brood War. We have prepared a two-part overview called The Story So Far, an opportunity for you to get up to speed with the characters, settings, and developments that lead up to StarCraft II. Read about Kerrigan's treachery as the Queen of Blades, Samir Duran's hybrid experiments, and the final events leading up to StarCraft II.
Tassadar's brave sacrifice had destroyed the Overmind, but countless rampaging zerg remained on Aiur and would surely overrun the surviving protoss. Zeratul offered sanctuary on Shakuras, the adopted home of the dark templar. Although the decision was difficult, Executor Artanis and the surviving members of the shattered Conclave agreed that their first duty was to save as many lives as possible.

Jim Raynor's forces and the protoss cut a path through the zerg to reach an ancient xel'naga warp gate, the relic of an earlier age. Using the gate, Zeratul opened a connection to a second gate on Shakuras. During the battle, Raynor and some of the protoss were cut off, but Artanis and Zeratul led many other protoss through the gate to safety on Shakuras.
For more, check out The Story So Far Part 2: The Brood War. We have also added three new pieces of artwork.
Nebu on April 7th, 2008
We recently answered a number of questions from the community regarding StarCraft II. Check out part 34 of the Q&A, along with the StarCraft II Q&A archive in the Battle.net forums.
Frost on April 2nd, 2008
We hope you enjoyed our April Fools' Day events. If you missed them, check out this year's jokes: The Blizzard Entertainment Joke Team™ will see you again next year. Just kidding - we're always around waiting to pounce.
Frost on April 1st, 2008
The Diablo Loot Piñata provides the same fun and excitement as traditional piñatas while also letting longtime Diablo players relive their epic battles with the Prime Evil.

Learn more about our exciting new Diablo merchandise on the Diablo Loot Piñata information page.

Frost on April 1, 2008
We have added a new terran unit, the tauren marine.
In the old Confederacy, terran marines were mostly criminals or rebels who had undergone mandatory neural resocialization. Freed from any previous allegiances or ideologies, these fearless soldiers stood ready to defend Confederate interests with their lives but exhibited an annoying tendency toward petty larceny, vandalism, and occasional cannibalism. Confederate authorities were unable to requisition enough reliable troopers in this way, and eventually recruiters turned to a new source of fresh meat for the grinder.
Read more about the tauren marine here. We have also added two new pieces of artwork and three new screenshots.
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