Blizzard on March 31, 2008
The tenth anniversary of StarCraft's release is fast approaching, and to mark the occasion, we'll be assembling a mosaic of pictures sent in by players from around the world, all featuring a special "I <3 SC" logo. 50 T-shirts are up for grabs, so check out the contest page for full details or to take part.
Blizzard on March 31, 2008
We're celebrating the ten-year anniversary of StarCraft by taking a look at the game that left an indelible mark on the real-time strategy genre, became a cornerstone Blizzard Entertainment franchise, and enthralled millions around the world with its compelling gameplay and rich universe.
Blaze on March 18, 2008
We've just released a high-quality version of the StarCraft II zerg trailer that was shown to the press last week. Watch as the Swarm steps back into the light for the first time since the events of the Brood War, and catch a first glimpse at the zerg's frightful evolution. Check out the trailer now!
Blaze on March 10, 2008
The StarCraft II website has just been updated with new information about the zerg, the game's third playable race. You can now learn more about the nightmarish hydralisks and the agile and dangerous mutalisks, and can also catch up on the recent history of the Swarm. Also make sure to check out the newly added screenshots, concept art, and unit videos included in this first look at the zerg.

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