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Arreat Summit F.A.Q.

Please read the entire page which answers common questions before emailing us. The email contact is listed on this page toward the end.

Most Common Questions

Basic Questions

Where can I send Game Suggestions?
If you have Game Suggestions you must post them to the Battle.net Forums. We cannot accept suggestions via email. For more details on this read the Legal FAQ. The web address is not for game suggestions; it's for web related issues. The purpose of this guide is to explain how the game works, not to search for feedback on how to improve the game.

Where can I report bugs in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction or Problems with Battle.net?
Report bugs to Blizzard Tech Support.

Where can I ask Questions about Diablo II?
Sorry but we're much too busy to answer individual questions on Diablo II. We suggest asking on the Battle.net forums.

Problems with skill statistics
Diablo II 1.10 introduced synergies. Because of this, it's somewhat difficult to find the true "untainted" values for skills. Therefore the numbers shown in the guide might be off from what we show since we may not share the same synergy info (some list 0 synergies using test versions of the game).

How do I take screenshots?
Hit the Print Screen button. This button is located to the right of the F12 key on most keyboards. Mac users can hit command+shift+3. The screenshot will be placed in your main Diablo II directory as screen**.jpg. Use a web browser to view the screenshots, or you might download and register ACDSee, the image viewer of choice for us.

Arreat Summit Questions

Who is responsible for The Arreat Summit?
Read the Credits page.

Can we see some more updates to the guide?
The updates to this guide at this point are entirely provided by players. If you want to see more updates, submit any new information you want added to the guide. Make sure it's 100% correct before submitting. We may not add things without detailed proof.

Why isn't this guide 100% Correct?
This site is basically like a "fan site" where a gaming fan creates a web site dedicated to the game. Although that fan works with the company, there still isn't a perfect flow of information between the creators, the game itself, and the guide. That means there are some errors and the site commander requires help in fixing various errors. This site is quite amazing for only one person's work in their spare time. Fans have also taken the game well beyond the creators learning formulae and information that the company doesn't even have on hand.

Some of the info in the guide seems wrong
The guide reports how things are in the game. This guide is not a "wish list" as to how things should be. If you know for a fact that the information in the guide is wrong compared to the game, report it, if possible prove that is wrong and we'll be glad to fix it!

How can I make the Credits page?
Those who ask shall not receive. The Credits page lists those who continue to give valuable corrections and information without looking for a reward.

Will you put up more PDF files?
We are too busy to do that but thanks for asking.

When will you be adding new Strategy and Equipment pages for the Assassin, Druid, and update the other Classes?
Sorry but we don't have time to do this. =(

Can I take the Graphics and Content from this site and use it on my web site?
No. Please link to our site instead. Feel free to take statistical data such as formulae, items, and skills however.

Are there any plans to put the information in this guide into one big downloadable file?
No. Sorry.

I know you say there are no plans to put the information in this guide into one big downloadable but will you do it?
No. The answer is still no. =)

Can you list more statistical details on, formulae for, or information on...
Generally if you do not see specific information in the guide it is not available. While this is a large strategy guide, it is not going to list everything so what you see is what is going to be available. Watch the news for updates on new sections being added.

Why are the replies to emailed error reports so short?
We respond to many emails a day which only gives a short amount of time for email. We think you would rather see us spend our time creating new pages or fixing other errors. We do appreciate your reports even if we don't have time for a long email thanking you.

Common Item Issues/Questions

I didn't get the max skills possible for a Unique Item that was listed on the site
If you're holding a Frostwind sword as a Druid you will see that it only gives +3 to Arctic Blast. However other classes holding that same item will see up to 14 to Arctic blast. That is because of "oskill" points. You can read more about them here.

The Max Socket Listings are listed wrong!
You can't use the add sockets to item quest as a determination of the max number of sockets possible on an item. Refer to the quest info. Also, the number of sockets depends on the difficulty level. Sometimes you need a higher difficulty level (such as Nightmare/Hell) to get items to spawn with more sockets. The max socket listings are from the item spreadsheets. Some have said that there is another hidden max list in the game that overwrites these maxes which could result in them being listed wrong.

Unique/Set Items with base defense being +1 over what is shown in the guide (esp unidentified)
If the item has not been identified yet, it may/will show a maximum defense higher than is shown in the guide. It doesn't matter because you can't wear the item anyway until it is identified. Please don't report these items. Thanks!

The reason is because any item with +% Enhanced Defense has 1 more base defense than its maximum. An unidentified Peasant Crown should have 54 defense. +100% Enhanced Defense makes this 108. This can't happen with anything other than 54 defense, which is one higher than the maximum base for a War Hat.

Why do some Shields list over 75% blocking?
Read more about Blocking. There is a 75% cap BUT because of the total blocking formula, higher numbers of blocking on the items themselves (than 75%) are needed. This was a change (this formula) made to the game in one of the later patches.

What happened to the normal Unique version of Azurewrath?
This item no longer drops as of 1.10. The new Elite version of the item replaces the old Normal version.

I found a Ladder Only Item while playing in Single-player or TCP/IP
Yes, Ladder Only items will also appear there as is stated on the site in several locations. Please be sure to read [Unique Basics] and [Set Basics]

My Rune Word didn't work!
The most common mistake is for people to try to make Rune Words out of Magic (violet/blue) or Rare (yellow) items. You can't do this. You have to make a Rune Word out of a non magical item. For more details make sure you read all the Rune Word Rules.

Where is the Constricting Ring?
This item never legitly dropped in Diablo II. It is a hacked item.

Set Items
If you have Set Items from patch 1.09 or earlier, they may not have the same stats that are listed in this guide. You need to get a new set item that was dropped in 1.10.

(Only Spawns In 1.10, Etc)
This means that if you want to get the item with the stats and stat ranges mentioned on the web page you need to have that patch or LATER. This does not mean that you can't get the item in earlier patches. This just means that if you get the item in another patch version, the stat ranges won't be the same as is listed on the web site.

Are the statistics for the Elite Items correct? They don't seem right.
Yes, they are reported as the items are in the game. Keep in mind that you should compare the average damage and not worry about what the Minimum and Maximum damages look like between items.

Reporting Errors for Set Items or Unique Items
Please read [Unique Basics] and [Set Basics] before reporting errors. 90% of the time an "error" is explained there.

Why do some of the Uniques list both Enhanced Damage and Added Damage but it isn't reflected in their violet Damage Range?
This is how it is on the items and in the game. Enhanced Damage and the "Adds whatever-whatever Damage" both refer to the same bonus on SOME items.

Some of the math for the Unique/Sets seems to be off for the damage and defense.
That is how the items are in the game. This guide reports what the items say in the game. If you feel something is a bug, report it to Blizzard Tech Support. We'll update the guide if the "bug" is fixed in a patch.

Why do some of the Uniques have Ignore Target's Defense and Attack Rating?
Ignore Target's Defense doesn't work in PvP and against Bosses and possibly Uniques. In those situations the Attack Rating bonuses will come in handy.

Are there Exceptional and Elite Circlets?
Not really but for certain purposes the last two Circlets might be considered Exceptional or Elite.

Why are the Elite Items different from the Normal and Exceptional versions?
Read this.

The weapons speeds for each class in The Arreat Summit don't seem to be as expected. Are these listed correctly?
Yes. In reality, Very Fast for the Sorceress might not be faster than Fast for the Barbarian. The weapon speeds listed are used to compare weapons for that class only so a weapon that is Very Fast for two classes still might not be exactly the same.

Can you list every Magical Bonus that stacks?
No. You can pretty much assume that something stacks unless it's noted that it does not. There are limits however for Weapon Speeds, Casting Times, and Hit Recovery although it's not easy to tell when you've reached these limits.

Why do you call Large Charms Medium Charms and Grand Charms Large Charms?
The game's data files refer to them as Small, Medium, Large, we insist on doing the same.

Reporting Errors

Where can I report corrections or problems with the Arreat Summit?
We are glad to get your help on our guide. We rely on readers of this guide to help point out errors so we can fix them. But we ask that you follow some rules. This will insure that our time is not wasted investigating bogus or wrong reports. This also helps make sure we don't put wrong information in the guide which may mislead other players. Please excuse the over use of bold, colors, and underline as some people don't notice the text otherwise.

Error Submission Rules

  • Make sure you include a URL or LINK to the page with the problem. We don't have time for an investigation to discover the page you're trying to talk about. There are over 300 pages. Please help us out! Sometimes we list the same information on many different pages =]

    Here is an example of a perfect report from our Editing Knight Dengin for our Warcraft III Guide:


    Have As Many Units As Possible Attacking The Same Enemy
    If a unit cannot easily **reach a target the preferred target**, instruct it to attack the nearest enemy
    correction: If a unit cannot easily **reach the preferred target**, instruct it to attack the nearest enemy
    Arreat Summit Comments: The link is listed; the sentence is listed for easy searching through our files; the error is pointed out; and the correction is listed. Note: our email system only allows plain text so any underlining, colors, or other HTML supported features will not work. Please use characters such as *** to point out errors. Basically cut and paste the URL (hit Enter after the URL to make it a link) along with the sentence you're reporting (unless it's something like item stats), and include your screenshot (if items or stats, etc). Note: you have to press Enter after pasting the link for it to be a link (typically).

  • Please send one email per web page you're reporting rather than one long email with tons of page changes. So if you find a bunch of errors on one page, send one email with a link and the errors on that page. If you have another page to report, send a new email for that next page. This allows us to delete the email if it is already fixed while leaving your other errors intact.
  • Do not report problems unless you are using Diablo II Lord of Destruction version 1.13. Do not report errors on Set or Unique Items unless you are 100% sure they spawned in Patch 1.10 or later.
  • Please do not report errors unless you are sure you are right. Submit evidence (meaning screenshots) if the information in game conflicts with the guide (especially items/stats). Error reports without screenshots may be ignored. This is not necessary if there is a clear typo, spelling mistake or something that doesn't need a screenshot. You do not need to send us screenshots of our own web site. Just send us the link or URL and the problem sentence and suggested change. This is required because before this requirement, people would often send in wrong information and want it changed to that wrong information. With a screenshot we can confirm your screenshot with our test version.
  • Please use the link at the bottom of this page to report errors rather than responding to our emails or manually putting in our email address. This allows us to filter mail to the proper place.
  • Please do not post Arreat Summit feedback/errors to the Battle.net forums.
  • Do not report errors on Unique Items if your item is Ethereal. We do not list the Ethereal Version stats on the site.
  • If you submit incorrect changes, it's possible future reports from you may be ignored (bad rep!)
  • If you're submitting screenshots of game versions other than English, please translate the text into English.
  • We're actually not the best place to answer complicated questions about the game. Please seek out the hardcore fan forums for detailed questions that we do not answer.
Please note that the Web email address is for Arreat Summit only and that mails on any other issues related to Diablo II: Lord of Destruction such as bugs, problems, should be sent to Blizzard Tech Support. If you're having problems with other players or lost your stuff, or whatever other in-game problem, talk to Blizzard Tech Support. Emails that do not relate directly to the web site will be deleted so if you want your email to be heard and responded to, send it to the right place (Blizzard Tech Support) otherwise you'll never hear back on your email.

Thanks to those of you that read completely and follow our rules and F.A.Q.s. You save us time. If you don't want to read this giant page, at least use your web browser to search this page (Ctrl + F).

Report errors in Arreat Summit (and Arreat Summit only) here. Again email address is only for issues with the web site.

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