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Can any character class wield two weapons at once?
Only the Barbarian and the Assassin (Claw-class Weapons) are able to use two weapons at once.

Can all the characters use any weapon/armor?
As long as the character meets the requirements for the weapon/armor, the character can equip it. Some items are Class-specific which means only that class can equip the item.

If I am wielding a two handed sword, does my character on screen reflect this?
Yes. For Diablo II, we have increased the number of weapons that can be shown on your character.

What are socketable items?
Socketable items are user modifiable. Placing a Gem on an item gives the item a beneficial magic effect. The rarity of the Gem determines the strength of the effect.

How do you socket a Gem?
Gems can be placed in any Socketed Item (Grey Text) with an open Socket. Place the item in your inventory, and then place the Gem you wish to socket by dragging the Gem over the Socketed Item and left clicking on it.

Can you remove a Gem that has been placed in a socketed item?
Yes. There is a Horadric Cube formula to to unsocket gems.

Who can repair an item/restore its durability?
Blacksmith NPCs can repair items. Be warned: the cost of repairing worn down magic items is quite high.

Do bows require arrows?

Are there crossbows in Diablo II?
Yes, we have four different types of crossbows. You'll need Crossbow Bolts in order to use a Crossbow.

How can I find arrows and bolts?
You can purchase arrows and bolts from your friendly local arms dealer.

Are there belts with more than 4 slots?
Yes. A character without a belt only has 4 slots. Depending on the type of belt, you can have up to 16 items on your belt.

With up to 16 slots on a belt, what hot keys are used for the belt?
1 - 4 will control the 4 slots you see on screen. As you use items from the belt, the items above that slot will fill the slot that was just used.

Can I rotate items in my inventory?

Is there a place to store excess items?
Yes. You can store items and gold in "Your Stash," a chest found near the center of town.

Does gold require space in my character's inventory?
No, but there is a limit to the amount of gold a character may carry.

Are unique items easier to find in Diablo II?
Probably not. If anything, unique items are probably more difficult to find, further emphasizing their uniqueness. There is also a new class of rare items to fill the gap between regular magic items and unique items.

How many Scrolls can Tomes hold?
Tomes of Identify and Town Portal can hold 20 scrolls each.

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