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What is the ESRB rating for Diablo II?
Diablo II has been rated "M," for mature audiences. For more information on the rating system, please see the ESRB Website.

How many CD-ROMs does Diablo II occupy?
Diablo II occupies 3 CD-ROMs.

Originally Diablo II was going to be 4 CDs, but it shipped on only 3 CDs. Did you cut out portions of the game?
No. We were able to compress the data more than we had initially projected.

What is the Diablo II Collector's Edition?
Available only during the initial launch of Diablo II, this special edition was offered in limited quantities. The Collector's Edition includes Diablo II on three CD-ROMs, a 24-minute Diablo II cinematic on DVD in wide-screen letter box format, the Diablo II soundtrack with 70 minutes of music, the Wizards of the Coast/TSR pencil-and-paper role-playing game based on the AD&D rule set, and a Diablo II manual signed by the development team.

When was the Collector's Edition available, how many copies will you produce, and where can you buy it?
The Diablo II Collector's Edition was available simultaneously with the launch of the regular retail version of the game. We made 70,000 copies of this special edition. The Collector's Edition is now sold out.

Will the Diablo II Collector's Edition be available for Mac?

Will you be coming out with a DVD version of Diablo II?
We are researching the copy protection methods available for DVD technology and will only release the game on DVD when we can offer some protection against piracy.

How many cinemas are in the game?
There are five separate cinematic sequences in the game with a combined time of over 24 minutes.

Are there multiple endings for each class?
Given the challenges of creating five separate, different, and superior cinematic sequences--let alone endings--that was impossible to do as that would have totaled over 2 hours of cinematics. We focused on a cohesive and compelling storyline to drive our cinematic sequences that are presented in such a way that they are independent of the character class you have chosen to play. Once you see how the story is presented, you will understand why having different endings was not as necessary as it was in Diablo.

Where can I get Diablo II action figures?
The Barbarian, Unraveller, and Diablo action figures are available at many retail outlets and are also for sale through our OnLine Store.

Why do the screenshots use more than 256 colors?
While a 256-color SVGA video card is the minimum video requirement for Diablo II, Diablo II is capable of displaying a higher color depth when running with Direct3D or a Glide-capable video card.

Can your character run in Diablo II?
Yes. However, this is limited by your character's stamina.

Is there a way to find dropped items quickly?
Yes, you can press and hold the ALT key to highlight the items dropped on the ground.

Is there a way to attack without constantly clicking the mouse buttons?
Yes. If you hold down the mouse button, your character will attack the highlighted target continuously.

Are there Shrines in Diablo II?

Are there customizeable hot keys?
Yes, you will be able to customize your keyboard layout.

How can I run Diablo II in a window?
PC users, simply create a shortcut to Diablo II. Right click on the shortcut, select "Properties" and add -w at the end of the Target. (Example: Target: "C:\Program Files\Diablo II\Diablo II.exe" -w) Mac users can press command+M to switch between windowed and full-screen mode.

What languages is Diablo II fully localized for?
Diablo II is currently offered in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Polish, Spanish, and Korean. We are working on complete localizations into Brazilian Portuguese as well.

Do I need to have the original Diablo to play Diablo II?
No. Diablo II is an entirely new game and does not require the original Diablo to play.

What are the main differences between Diablo and Diablo II?
Five Character Classes, four town and wilderness areas, a character component animation system, Character-class-specific skill systems, more NPCs with individual AI, multiplayer quests, and more players in multiplayer. There are also many more monster types, spells, weapons, armor, unique items, set items, and areas to explore in the game.

Can I play the Warrior, Sorcerer, or Rogue from Diablo?
While the original 3 character classes from Diablo are not included as player classes in Diablo II, you may see a few familiar faces on your travels.

Is there any way to use my old Diablo character in Diablo II?
No. The new characters use a completely new skill system for spellcasting and combat. It is not possible to import the original Diablo characters.

What character classes are in Diablo II?
There are a total of five character types in Diablo II: Amazon, Barbarian, Paladin, Necromancer, and Sorceress.

How do I get a title for my character?
When you complete the last quest in the game in Regular or Hardcore modes (and in Normal, Nightmare, and Hell difficulty levels) your Character will receive a new title, which will be displayed in front of your character's name. For example, if you defeat the game in Regular mode, you would be known as [title] [character name]. A Barbarian, Paladin, or Necromancer receives a male title, while the Sorceress and Amazon receive female titles. Keep this in mind when naming your Characters so you do not end up with a female title in front of a male name.

Diablo II: Normal Mode
Normal Difficulty: Sir, Dame
Nightmare Difficulty: Lord, Lady
Hell Difficulty: Baron, Baroness

Diablo II: Hardcore Mode

Normal Difficulty: Count, Countess
Nightmare Difficulty: Duke, Duchess
Hell Difficulty: King, Queen

Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Normal Mode
Normal Difficulty: Slayer
Nightmare Difficulty: Champion
Hell Difficulty: Patriarch, Matriarch
Diablo II Lord of Destruction Hardcore Mode
Normal Difficulty: Destroyer
Nightmare Difficulty: Conqueror
Hell Difficulty: Guardian
Can you reject a character title?
No, this honorific is bestowed upon your character automatically.

Can you get rid of a character title?
No, however you can upgrade your title by defeating the game on a higher difficulty level such as Nightmare or Hell.

What is the character level limit?
Characters can reach maximum level of 99.

Does Diablo II feature randomly generated dungeons?
Yes. Not only are dungeons randomly generated; the wilderness areas are as well.

Are there any single-player cheats in Diablo II?
No, Diablo II does not have any cheats. While there are undoubtedly some hacks on the web that allow you to alter your character, these are neither supported nor condoned by Blizzard Entertainment.

Can I have a list of all the skills/items/weapons/armor in the game?
Many of the details about skills/items/weapons/armor are covered in our official Online Strategy Guide. However, not everything is revealed. Part of the fun in Diablo II is discovering a particular item or weapon, and we don't want to give away too much.

What is the difference between playing Single-player and Multiplayer games?

  • Single Player has a reduced gold penalty on death (nothing comes out of the stash, and there is a Character Level X 500 cap that you will not go below).

  • Single Player games keep the same game seed. This means that all the level layouts are the same if you exit and enter again. The layouts also change when you switch difficulty levels. The monsters and items that spawn are still randomized, however.

  • In multiplayer games, additional players increase the amount of gold, items, and experience that monsters give, as well as increasing the Life of the monsters.

Does Blizzard plan to do any type of expansion pack for Diablo II?
Yes, check it out.

What is Blizzard's policy on selling Diablo II Characters or Items for real money or using online auctions sites such as Ebay™?
The selling of characters or items is not a feature supported in Diablo II. Any users that choose to participate in this activity do so at their own risk. Blizzard will not facilitate nor mediate in the sale or trading of characters/items. Further, users should be warned that attempts to transfer items between characters can result in lost items or damaged characters. Blizzard is not responsible for lost items or damaged characters.

What is Blizzard's policy on transferring items between characters or "muling"?
The transferring of items between Diablo II characters is not supported by Blizzard. Users should be warned that attempts to transfer items between characters online are risky and Blizzard is not responsible for lost items. Storage space is limited in Diablo II both for performance and storage space issues and because the designers wanted players to make decisions as to which items to keep and which items must be thrown away or sold.

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