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Skills, Corpses, and Hirelings

How many skill points and attribute points will I receive per level?
A character receives 1 skill point and 5 attribute points per experience level.

Can you save skill points?
Yes, however, you can only put one skill point into a skill for each Character level, once that skill is unlocked. For example, the Sorceress spell Static Field is available at Character Level 6, however you can only put 1 point into it at that level, even if you have more points available to spend.

How many points can you put into a single skill?
You can place up to 20 points into a single skill. You can raise a skill up to a maximum of level 255, however, in reality the number of items available combined with the Barbarian Warcry Battle Command and Shrines brings that number to around 60.

Is there a limit on how many attribute points you can spend on Strength, Dexterity, Vitality, or Energy?
There is no limit on the points you can put into a single attribute. However, you only receive 5 attribute points per level (plus one quest that gives 5 additional attribute points as a reward per difficulty level), so there is a finite number of attribute points that you can earn.

What are Active skills?
Active Skills need to be readied and require mana to use. Some auras do not require mana.

What are Passive skills?
Usually, Passive Skills do not cost any mana to use and do not need to be readied in the active skill buttons to take effect.

What are Mastery skills?
Masteries are Passive Skills that increase proficiency in a given field. For instance, the Barbarian's Weapon Masteries increase his damage and attack rating with certain weapons.

Do I get any skills to start off with?
All characters start with Attack and Throw. These skills require no mana.

Are there restrictions to what skills I can learn?
Yes. Skills are restricted by class, level, and prerequisite skills.

What are auras?
Auras are active Paladin skills. A Paladin can only have one aura active at a time. Some Aura effects are shared among party members and hirables. Most auras do not cost mana when readied.

Do I drop all my items when I die in Diablo II?
Yes and no. Instead of dropping your items onto the ground where anyone could then pick them up, your items remain on your corpse. The gold you are carrying at the time of death, however, drops to the ground.

How do I pick up items from my corpse?
You walk over to your corpse and click on it. Items will automatically try to equip themselves. If an item cannot be equipped (e.g. you already have a weapon equipped in that slot), it is placed in your inventory. If there is not enough space in your inventory, the remaining items will stay with the corpse. Note: If a corpse remains after you have clicked on it, there are still items on it. A player may have up to 16 corpses. For more information on corpses and retrieving items see the Character Information page.

Can I allow other players to loot my corpse?
Yes, if you are using a Hardcore character.

Do Hireables and Summoned Creatures Fight to the death?

Can NPCs heal my Hirelings and Summoned Creatures?

Can Hirlings and Summoned Creatures follow me through portals?
Hireables will go everywhere with you, as long as you don't die.

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