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January, 2000.
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Download Execution
January 28, 2000

"Itís been a long, arduous session for you cadets, and some of you must be getting really nervous that the final exam is almost upon you. Youíve heard plenty of pep talks from myself and the other trainers before this, so I will just say one last thing and then let you all start the simulation. Live as if your were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."

- Training Coordinator Max Herai

  • 192x192 Twilight

  • Designed for 2 Players

  • Use Map Settings

  • Requires Brood War to Play

Download Exile Station
January 21, 2000

"To my dearest mother,

I've been stationed out here at this deep space refueling depot now for three months, and the isolation here is maddening. Nearby astronomical phenomenon make normal communications difficult to the rest of the sector, and this only adds to our sense of being alone out here. Hopefully this message will get to you some time soon. I gave it to the captain of our monthly resupply vessel to forward to you. I love you, and miss you.

P.S. I need new underwear, so if you send me some I'd really appreciate it. I know how you hate me wearing old, dirty underwear."

Enlarged View

  • 192x192 Space

  • Designed for 2 - 6 Players

Download Dead End
January 14, 2000

"I reserve a particularly large chunk of bile in my stomach for the city of Graschek. My company and I were ordered to enter the town and destroy an enemy logistics base at that location. To make a long, intense, and particularly bloody story short, we lost our bearings en route and I lost half of my men. Admiral DuGalle himself probably would have become lost in that maze of streets and sewers. After my tour of duty is up, I'm going to find Graschek's city planners and kill them all with my bare hands..."

-Lieutenant Thomas Dufay

Enlarged View

  • 192x192 Badlands

  • Designed for 2 - 4 Players

Download Crossfire
January 7, 2000

"I used to think that defeating the Zerg would take precise military maneuvers, clever tactics and strong leadership. I was wrong. You can't out-think the swarm, you can't out-maneuver the swarm, and you certainly can't break the morale of the swarm. I hate to admit this, but I could do my job just as well if I ordered all my men to simply shoot anything that moves."

-Colonel Ronald "Hardcore" Jackson

Enlarged View

  • 192x96 Ice

  • Designed for 2 or 4 Players

  • Requires Brood War to Play

  • Use Map Settings for Allied Play

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