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December, 1998.
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Download Christmas Rush
December 31, 1998

Hearken back with us to those fond memories from childhood when unwrapping presents was a manic and enjoyable time laden with excitement and suspense. Now, imagine placing that joy and enchantment smack dab in the middle of Blizzard's .scm of the week! The result -- Christmas Rush, where you compete to see who can open the most presents. The best part about THESE presents is that they're both fun and functional since you can use them to stop the other players from taking more of YOUR presents! To top it all off, keep a sharp lookout for jolly old St. Nick who just may be stopping by to see if you are being naughty or nice. Happy Holidays from Blizzard Entertainment!

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Enlarged View (218k)

  • 128x192 Space Platform

  • Designed for 2-4 players with Use Map Settings

  • Trigger Driven map with special Victory Conditions and modified units

  • Requires StarCraft v1.04 or Brood War to play

Download Gemini Station
December 22, 1998

[[Universal News Network]]
[[DEC HQ, Moria]]
New Station Design Available
The Dominion Engineering Corps (a division of the Kel-Morian Combine) proudly announces the availability of a new, low cost station design. The Gemini Series, a revolutionary step in space platform architecture, is suitable for nearly any orbital application. By utilizing a patented symmetrical structural layout, Gemini Series platforms can be constructed for half the cost of traditional station designs in half the time! Organizations or independently financed groups in need of a spaceborne facility for use in either business or pleasure applications should contact their local DEC representative for a presentation of the Gemini today.
[[End Sponsored Segment]]

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Enlarged View (211k)

  • 96x128 Space Platform

  • Recommended for 2 players

  • Official Ladder map

Download Tropical Seas
December 18, 1998

The Tropical Seas Resort has offered guests the ultimate in comfort and elegance for over three generations. Peaceful, sandy beaches and gentle palm groves are the natural setting for a stay filled with rest and relaxation. Although the resort has recently been enhanced by a Zerg infestation in the surrounding area, this is no reason to postpone your visit. The spirited fighting that occurs when well-trained Terran Marines dissuade the occasional Zerg incursion adds a new level of excitement to any vacation -- and what a story you will have to tell your friends! Guests can even sign up for an exotic Zerg Adventure-- package and partake of a real "hunt in the wild" experience with the assistance of a trained guide. The Tropical Seas Resort promises your upcoming vacation will be unforgettable.

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Enlarged View (194k)

  • 256x192 Jungle World

  • Recommended for 2-8 players

  • 8 Player Island Map

Download Sarengo
December 11, 1998

The terrans that colonized the Koprulu sector originally traveled from Earth in four deep-space supercarriers. Three of those gargantuan ships delivered the colonists to their new homes relatively intact, but the fourth ship was not so lucky. The Sarengo crashed into the planet Umoja, killing all 8,000 of its passengers, and carving an immense canyon into the planet's surface. This canyon is now home to drifters, squatters, and other odd characters that hide amongst the broken rocks and scattered wreckage. The Umojan Protectorate has long proclaimed the entire canyon to be a restricted area, and this often leads to fierce conflicts when Protectorate security forces decide to sweep the area of intruders.

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Enlarged View (194k)

Download Cross Roads
December 4, 1998

"All warriors shall come to a crossroads, and there shall fate pass judgement."
       -Popular Protoss proverb

The legend of the Crossroads is one that holds great power in the minds of many Protoss warriors. First spoken of by Khas in the sacred scriptures, it is said that, "All true warriors will come to a place they do not expect to be and encounter those they did not expect to find. It is in that place the fate of the true warrior will be decided." The jungles of this remote planet seem to be one such site -- do not expect to enter them and depart unscathed.

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Enlarged View (192k)

  • 192x192 Jungle World

  • Recommended for 2-4 players

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