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Enslavers: Dark Vengeance
February 5, 1999

Enslavers: Dark Vengeance
Episode I: The Rescue

A Single Player Veteran Level Campaign.
(Look in the campaign folder in your maps directory for the original Enslavers missions)

The original Enslavers missions occurred just after the fall of the Confederacy. The infamous pirate Alan Schezar employed Ghosts to enslave a Zerg Cerebrate and used its minions towards his own nefarious ends. Though Protoss and Dominion heroes banded together and put an end to his schemes by destroying his strongholds, Schezar himself was never found.

The events of Enslavers: Dark Vengeance take place just after the energies of the Xel'Naga temple scoured the Zerg from Shakuras. With the Zerg gone, the Protoss now take time to mourn over the loss of their fellow warriors on Aiur. It is widely rumored that a few wounded heroes may still live upon the ravaged Protoss homeworld. If they were to be rescued and transplanted into Dragoon walkers, the fallen heroes would still be able to fight alongside their brethren. Return to Aiur and rescue the fallen!

To have these levels run properly, they must BOTH be placed in the campaign folder in your StarCraft/maps directory. Download (963 KB)

  • Requires Brood War to play

  • Single Player Veteran Level Campaign

  • Use Map Settings

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