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October, 1999.
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Download Ricochet
October 29, 1999

In the chaos of the Zerg and UED invasions, their owners deemed many space platforms undefendable. These stations were hastily abandoned and standard operating procedure was to destroy the platform after the inhabitants were safely off to prevent the use of the structure by the enemy. A great many of these abandoned sites, however, escaped destruction. Gambling that the stations would be salvageable after the immediate crisis had ended, more than a few outposts were left intact as their owners figured that it was cheaper to refurbish the damaged platforms rather than completely rebuild. Pirates, bandits and smugglers looking for an out-of-the-way base for their criminal activities found these abandoned stations perfect for their needs. Perfect, that is, until the rightful owners came back...

Enlarged View
  • 192x192 Space

  • Designed for 2-5 Players

Download Nukes Away
October 22, 1999

"The most popular exercise in the Ghost training regimen is scenario A11-X93, commonly referred to by trainees as "Nukes Away". In this scenario, Ghosts practice a variety of covert infiltration techniques while gaining the technical knowledge necessary for the proper guidance of field-standard tactical nuclear weapons. Since nuclear weaponry is too expensive to be used in live fire training, the exercise is performed using an extremely lifelike holoprojection simulation. The competition between the teams of Ghosts can be extremely intense, and all too commonly we see recruits spending what little leisure time they have inside the simulation, honing their skills."

      -Commander Richard Walker

  • 192x192 Desert

  • Designed for 2-8 Players with Use Map Settings

  • Requires Brood War to Play

  • Trigger-driven map with special victory conditions and modified units

Download Turtle Island
October 15, 1999

The universe is home to some rather odd geological formations that create a rich tapestry for astrologers, whether professional or amateur. On 20th Century Earth, for example, people could swear that there was a face on the surface of Mars. The location of the rocks and the eerie placement of shadows made envisioned mouth and eyes seem all too real. A prominent mountain range on the planet of Uilel IV looks just like a snake winding its way across the surface of the planet. One of the strangest of these planetary anomalies is found on an island just off of the main continent on Mar Sara. Explorers who first saw the island mistook it for a gargantuan turtle -- initially a cause for great alarm. Closer inspection quickly revealed the true nature of the landmass, but to this day nearby residents still call the place "Turtle Island."

Enlarged View

  • 192x192 Jungle

  • Designed for 2-4 Players

Download New Venice
October 8, 1999

Excerpt from the minutes of a recent meeting of the UED Naming Committee

(Mr. Johnson) "Ok, ladies and gentlemen, we have been given the task of providing a name for the new orbital space station being built at Reynif II. We have been provided schematics of the station which I will put up on the holoprojector. Initial impressions?"

(Mr. Smith) "It looks just like all the others - a big platform in space! I mean, come on, we keep getting these mundane assignments and it's getting harder and harder to come up with something memorable."

(Mr. Johnson) "Be that as it may, Mr. Smith, we still have a job to do. Thoughts?"

(Ms. Cole) "Well... It has a lot of bridges."

(Mr. Smith) "Ha, So did ancient Venice -- but that doesn't help us much."

(Mr. Johnson) "Excellent idea Ed! New Venice it is, then."

(Mr. Smith) "What? Venice was a beautiful city of waterways, art, and romance. I don't see any of those things represented in the harsh architecture and brutish materials used to construct this station, Mr. Johnson. Why, we would be degrading and dishonoring a classic, nay a sacred icon of our Earth heritage!"

(Mr. Johnson) "Well then, perhaps we'll have to work through the weekend on this one."


(Mr. Smith) "I guess I can go with New Venice."

Enlarged View

  • 192x192 Space Platform

  • Designed for 2-6 Players

Download Zephyr Cove
October 1, 1999

To the numerous artists who call it home, the colony of Tashai is a place of great inspiration. Nestled on a small island in a sheltered oceanic cove, the colony has idyllic weather throughout the year, and the scenic views of the sea never cease to amaze visitors. Ewan Welke, the greatest living bard of our time, has spent many years at the retreat composing poetry in an ancient form known as haiku. In fact, it was his now well-known verse that gave the colony its name, Zephyr Cove.

peaceful island cove
blessed by the ocean's cool breath
the zephyr moves me

Enlarged View

  • 192x256 Badlands

  • Designed for 2-7 Players

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