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July, 1999.
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July 30, 1999

I thought I had seen close combat.
I thought I had seen the face of death.
I thought I would live forever...
Then they dropped us into the Abattoir.

- Diary of Terran Marine 219XMS87632
- Final Entry [End of Line]

Enlarged View
  • 64x64 Twilight

  • Designed for 2-8 Players

  • Requires Brood War to play

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July 23, 1999

UED Military Academy Commandant's Log

(Commandant Miloshek) "Gentlemen, we need to give our cadets a new challenge in the training simulators this week. Suggestions?"

(Major Kilbourne) "Well, sir, it has been several weeks since we have had any deep space combat simulations. The last few exercises have mostly been recreations of ground battles."

(CM) "An excellent idea, but I'd like to throw a twist into this sim."

(MK) "Did you have anything specific in mind, sir?"

(CM) "Hmm... give our Cadets an extreme amount of resources to start the campaign with so they won't feel the need to expand, but then create the additional resource nodes with even more Minerals and Vespene gas. Those that choose to expand should gain a huge advantage over those who simply stay put. I want battlefield commanders that are always on the move, gentlemen -- ones that are always looking for an edge in combat."

(MK) "Very well, sir. We'll have the scenario programmed for this afternoon's exercise."

Enlarged View

  • 192x192 Space

  • Designed for 2-8 Players

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July 16, 1999

All across Shakuras lie strange places of power, many of which have not been fully probed by the nomadic Dark Templar who have made the twilight world their adopted home. One of these places is a foreboding and mysterious temple resting in the cracked earth of the remote Isle of Razjan. The four small shrines that lie in the temple connect to each other with almost perfectly symmetrical spiral paths sunken into the ground, forming what could only be a symbol of some cosmic significance. This peculiar complex may once have been a quiet, peaceful place for contemplation of the universe and the infinite beyond, but now the temple sees no such peace. The island temple lies well outside any established Protoss settlement or defensive outpost and this encourages raids on the complex by offworlders lusting for wealth, knowledge, and power.

Enlarged View

  • 128x128 Twilight

  • Designed for 2-4 Players

  • Requires Brood War

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July 8, 1999

The existence of Protoss warp gate technology has conclusively demonstrated that instantaneous travel between the stars is indeed possible via artificial means. This raises the question, "might it then also be possible that such travel could transpire through a naturally occurring phenomenon?" While we have scant evidence to suggest that transdimentional rifts in space spontaneously exist, our understanding of the true nature of space and time is still quite limited. Now, let me show you something interesting. I can take this strip of paper, twist it 180 degrees as such, and then use a small amount of adhesive on the ends to form a loop. Suddenly, I have created a two dimensional object with only one side, commonly referred to as a Mobius Strip. You can trace your finger along the loop forever. A strange little creation, isn't it? What we see in this is a seemingly impossible construct of nature, yet I created it with a simple piece of paper and a bit of glue. Who of us really knows what strange enigmas remain to be unraveled in the vastness of the universe?"

-Dr. Bazio Thurgood, Astrophysics Professor and host of the "Space is a weird, wacky place!" science show on the Galactic Entertainment Network.

Enlarged View

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July 2, 1999

"It has come to the attention of this committee that one of our esteemed colleagues, Dr. Fredrica Wallis, has proposed a peculiar new theory that could shake the foundations of our very universe. A University sponsored geologic survey team returned six months ago from the icy wastes of Braxis, where they reported the discovery of a carving of immense proportions. Obviously created by sentient beings, this formation that bears some physical similarity to the word 'Blizzard' was found in a section of snow measuring approximately two miles wide. Dr. Wallis has seized this report and is holding it up as evidence of her insane theory that our universe is merely a game simulation being played upon the personal computer of a higher life form. This committee refuses to grant this lunacy even the slightest shred of support. If Ms. Wallis wishes to continue with this research, we must recommend her transfer from the Physical Sciences branch of this University to the Metaphysics laboratory. At least in that setting she can ignore reality and continue to spout irrational nonsense to her heart's content. In short, she must not be allowed to infect other students or faculty members with these heretical ideas. We are all real flesh and blood, ladies and gentlemen -- we are not just a simulation."

Partial transcript of Bian Ari's report
Physical Sciences Steering Committee

Enlarged View

  • Requires Brood War to play

  • 256x256 Ice

  • Designed for 2-6 Players

  • Use Map Settings for Allied Play

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