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May, 1999.
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Download Enslavers
May 28, 1999

Enslavers: Dark Vengeance
Episode IV A: Desperate Measures
Episode IV B: Turnabout

A Single Player Veteran Level Campaign.
(Look in the campaign folder in your maps directory for the original Enslavers missions)

What has gone before...

At the same time that the UED was launching their massive assault against the Dominion capital of Augustgrad, a small Protoss force was sent to the Homeworld of Aiur. Their mission to secure three stasis cells that held the bodies of critically wounded Protoss war heroes went awry as several Dark Templar destroyed two of the stasis cells, and were captured mere moments before they could destroy the third. Led by the powerful and defiant Dark Templar, Ulrezaj, these traitors to Aiur were found guilty by the tribunal, but before their sentencing could be carried out, a strike force commanded by the Terran criminal Alan Schezar arrived. These invaders freed the Dark Templar from their imprisonment and nearly destroyed the Protoss base that housed them in the process.

During his escape, Ulrezaj stole a Khaydarin crystal and -- through the powerful psionic emanations from that crystal -- was tracked back to a Terran base on Korhal controlled by the sympathizer Alan Schezar. The Protoss criminals were nowhere to be found at the base, but Schezar did have a sizable contingent of Zerg there, controlling them through means unknown. The Protoss fleet sent to attack the Terran base was faced difficult choice: either flush out the base commander by destroying the Terran Command Centers and force him to divulge where Schezar and Ulrezaj had fled, or track down and reclaim the stolen Khaydarin crystal.

If you rescued the Khaydarin Crystal then you should play scenario 4a.

If you destroyed the Terran Command Centers then you should play scenario 4b.

To have these levels run properly, they must ALL be placed in the Campaign Folder in your StarCraft/Maps/ directory. When asked if you want to overwrite the (1)Episode04a.scx and (1)Episode04b.scx placeholder maps, answer "Yes". Download it now! (21 MB)

If you do not already have Episodes I,II, & III of Enslavers, you can download them all here (21 MB)

  • Requires Brood War to play

  • Single Player Veteran Level Campaign

  • Use Map Settings

Download Up The Creek
May 19, 1999

Terran Wildlife Services, in conjunction with LarsCorp Technologies, is proud to announce the grand opening of another soon to be wildly successful hunting preserve: The Creek. Designed as a small, intimate, and quiet locale with some of the finest combat fishing in the galaxy, the park caters to the tastes of the discriminating sportsman. "This new preserve should serve as a welcome haven for those seeking to avoid the crowds created by the overwhelming success of the better known ‘Hunters’ preserves," noted John Andrews, host of the popular "Better Living through Maximum Firepower" sporting show on the Galactic Entertainment Network.

Enlarged View (176k)

  • 96x64 Badlands

  • Suggested Players: 2

Download Ice Age
May 12, 1999

After the larger of the twin suns supporting the lush pleasure world of Zenn failed, the paradise fell into an age of ice and darkness. Zenn remained in obscurity for decades, serving only as a stopping point and safe haven for smugglers and fringe world miners. This all changed when the frozen planet was named as the site for the New Dominion Winter Olympics, the premiere sporting event in Terran space. All went well until the ill-fated Plasma Rail Bobsled event...

Although Olympic Security was prepared for possible trouble since Plasma Rail Bobsled fans are renowned as a rowdy and potentially violent bunch, no one could have anticipated the riot that erupted when the team from Korhal upset the favored Braxis crew in the finals. Screams of derision and empty beer canisters hurled in anger rapidly turned into gauss-rifle fire. Clashes in the streets of Zenn broke out between stolen Goliath security combat vehicles. The aggression spread like wildfire across the planet, soon becoming a struggle for survival on this inhospitable world. "The Riot" continues to this day, and though neither the Korhal "HeatBlisters" nor the Braxis "Glaciers" have emerged triumphant, their enthusiasm for the sport of Bobsledding remains undiminished.

Enlarged View (205k)

  • Requires Brood War to play

  • 256x256 Ice

  • Suggested Players: 2-8

Download Bunker Command II
May 7, 1999

"In this powerful remake of a true action classic, Bunker Command II recreates all of the excitement of the original strategic conflict while including all-new units to command. Lead your squad of experienced marines across a new and dangerous landscape, seeking out enemy bunkers to destroy before they can do the same thing to you. As you eliminate your foes and the bunkers they defend, reinforcements arrive to help carry on the fight for ultimate victory. Bunker Command II will prove to be the leader in the next generation of Real Time Bunker games."

     -Rexx Perry, V.P. of Bunker Command Marketing, UED Region

  • Requires Brood War to play

  • 96x96 Desert

  • Designed for 4-8 players with Use Map Settings

  • Trigger-driven map with special Victory Conditions and modified units

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