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September, 1999.
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Download Watering Hole
September 24, 1999

"Not every locale in the Koprulu sector is a hotbed of violence and mayhem. There are actually areas that are quiet, peaceful places to relax as the problems of the universe just pass you by. The secluded oasis known as the Watering Hole on the planet of Helioc III has a set of wonderfully scenic vistas where you can observe the beautiful native wildlife in their natural habitat. If you have the means, I suggest you give it a try as there's way too much stress in the galaxy these days."

- Uran Golenko, leading stress therapist and featured guest on the popular "Universe Today" talk show
TRAVEL NOTE: A sudden influx of tourists, coupled with the discovery of considerable mineral wealth on the planet, has left the ecology of Helioc III in a less than optimal state. Once the use of tactical nuclear weaponry has subsided, geologists expect a high level of planetary recovery.

Enlarged View
  • 192x192 Jungle

  • Designed for 2-4 Players

Download Klondike
September 17, 1999

The Koprulu sector has always been filled with prospectors searching the remote regions of planets for new, untapped mineral deposits. The Kel-Morian Combine tries to keep a tight lid on new discoveries to secure their exclusive mining rights, but news of virgin deposits sometimes leaks out. The resulting rush to secure the area by every mining company and private operator in the sector makes the fabled Klondike gold rush on Earth seem rather tame. The fight over a claim now usually sees the use of mercenaries, sabotage, and sometimes even nuclear weaponry...

Enlarged View

  • 192x192 Ice

  • Designed for 2-6 Players

  • Requires Brood War to Play

Download Hellhole
September 10, 1999

"Char? You want me to tell you about Char? Oh man, I still wake up screaming from the nightmares I have about that pit. A thick layer of ash covers everything, and there's this eerie red glow that comes from the magma that seeps up through the surface of the planet. One wrong step and you find yourself wading in a pool of hot lava. You ever hear the scream of a man as he is being burned alive by lava, Major? It's not something you soon forget, let me tell you. And if the infernal planet doesn't get you, there's always the damned Zerg that'll try and finish the job. Those devils were everywhere, and they killed a whole lot of my buddies in ways I don't want to remember. Char was a hellhole, alright, and I rather have you kill me than send me back there again."

      -Debriefing of UED Marine 384DTA47631

Enlarged View

  • 256x256 Ash

  • Designed for 1 or 2 Players with Use Map Settings

Download Megalopolis
September 3, 1999

"I have a dream, ladies and gentlemen. Mankind has been traveling amongst the heavens for generations, but our kind has never actually called space home. We've built orbital defense space platforms, 'space stations' that provide waypoints for trade and commerce, and research facilities in space, but do we ever think of these places as home? No, we do not, and I aim to change that today. I've had the sector's finest engineers and designers build a place in the stars that humans can finally call home: Megalopolis. This new city will provide everything a family could need: great living quarters, great schools for all the kids, and great jobs for parents. We'll be opening up the city for new residents soon, so if you're interested in this wonderful opportunity contact us immediately! Space on the station is quite limited, and you don't want to be left out in the cold!"

      -Alan Johnson, Founder and CEO, Big Sky Inc.

Enlarged View

  • 256x256 Space

  • Designed for 2-8 players

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