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April, 1999.
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April 30, 1999

In the dawning moments of the colonization of Sutur V two separate factions disagreed on how the lush green world should be developed. One side believed that a huge sprawling space station should be erected to further interstellar trade, and they could use giant robotic machines to extract the mineral wealth from the planet necessary for the stationís construction. These people managed to build the "Platform" over much of the Northern Hemisphere of the world. The builders and inhabitants of the Platform became known as the Northern Platformers or just the Northerners. Another faction held the life of the planet sacred, and committed to a plan of becoming one with the Planet and all its myriad life forms. These people were known as the Southern Druids, which was eventually shortened to the Southerners. These two opposing sides have been fighting in both the jungles to the south and the space platforms to the north for generations, so long that most of the people fighting and dying no longer know why. These unwilling warriors no longer wish to fight, but the leaders of both sides demand victory at all costs. The wildlife has mostly died out years ago, and the robotic mining machines have ceased to function, but still the war goes on.

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April 23, 1999

My Brethren,

Since the time of Khas, the visions have remained the same.

A dark land of ancient plateaus and oceans of night... Night becomes day, and our ancient fathers aid us... We erase that which blights our face, but not that which lies within... The land that rests in twilight will be the place of our greatest triumph and also our greatest shame.

Much to my dismay, many ages have passed since the prophecies of the "Place of Visions" have been paid heed. These visions resonate a truth beyond any simplistic comprehension, and I fear that they may foretell grave problems that lie just ahead. As keepers of the Khala, it is our duty to gather our most learned scholars to seek an understanding of these warnings as they may be the key to solving this crisis as yet unseen.

- Excerpt from "The Letters of Tenarsis"
(Dated 3 years before the destruction of Chau Sara)

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  • Requires Brood War to play

  • 256x256 Twilight

  • Suggested Players: 2-7

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April 16, 1999

When the miners of the tiny "Edgar & Sons" mining company landed on Nidhogg III, it was if they had stepped into a dream. Vespene geysers covered the landscape like anthills, and hundreds -- if not thousands -- of mineral fields were scattered across the face of the planet where they had staked their latest claim. The deposits of Ore were so rich and plentiful that huge chunks could easily be broken off in their bare hands. Their dreams of limitless wealth came crashing to a halt, however, when one of the miners let slip the location of the site between rounds of Tyrador Mindbenders at a local spaceport bar. It wasn't long before the larger mining interests in the Sector descended like locusts. In an ironic twist of fate, little (if any) of the abundant wealth of Nidhogg III has ever been removed the planet, as its resources now fuel a never-ending war over who will control this paradise lost.

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  • 192x192 Jungle World

  • Suggested Players: 2-6

Download Enslavers: Nemesis
April 9, 1999

Enslavers: Dark Vengeance
Episode III: Nemesis

A Single Player Veteran Level Campaign.
(Look in the campaign folder in your maps directory for the original Enslavers missions)

What has gone before...

At the same time that the UED was launching their massive assault against the Dominion capital of Augustgrad, a small Protoss force was sent to the Homeworld of Aiur. Their mission to secure three stasis cells that held the bodies of critically wounded Protoss war heroes went awry as several Dark Templar destroyed two of the stasis cells, and were captured mere moments before they could destroy the third. Led by the powerful and defiant Dark Templar, Ulrezaj, these traitors to Aiur were found guilty by the tribunal, but before their sentencing could be carried out an unidentified Terran force arrived. These invaders freed the Dark Templar from their imprisonment and nearly destroyed the Protoss base that housed them in the process. Ulrezaj and his Terran allies must be found so that the punishment required by the Conclave can be carried out.

To have these levels run properly, they must ALL be placed in the Campaign Folder in your StarCraft/Maps/ directory. When asked if you want to overwrite the (1)Episode03.scx placeholder map, answer "Yes".

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  • Requires Brood War to play

  • Single Player Veteran Level Campaign

  • Use Map Settings

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April 2, 1999

[[Universal News Network]]
[[Universe Tonight, Special Report]]

The ceremonies surrounding the celebration of many holidays have changed in both their meaning and nature over the centuries and the study and interpretation of these rituals has been the key focus of a consortium of Terran anthropologists here at the Kel-Morian Research Facility. Although scientists disagree on what the true meaning of the upcoming holiday known as Easter may have been, new findings may give us some idea on how this important event was observed by our ancient ancestors on Earth.

Recent breakthroughs in data reconstruction have retrieved vital information from the salvaged computer wreckage recovered from the ancient Sarengo crash site. These restored files seems to confirm the current practice of celebrating Easter with gifts of small yellow and pink SynthEggs, cunningly crafted into realistic bird and bunny shapes. The custom of these gifts being delivered by a mysterious giant anthropomorphic Badger that wanders from sealed dome to sealed dome also seems rooted in fact, although the culmination of the day's celebration being a giant chrysalis hunt coupled with the wholesale slaughter of warring factions may be a more recent addition to these historic festivities.

Wishing you and yours a Happy Easter This is Genna Xann, Universe Tonight

[[End Transcript]]

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Enlarged View (189k)

  • 96x96 Installation

  • Designed for 3-6 Players with Use Map Settings

  • Trigger-driven map with special Victory Conditions and modified units

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