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Enslavers: Dark Vengeance
March 5, 1999

Enslavers: Dark Vengeance
Episode II: Hung Jury

A Single Player Veteran Level Campaign.
(Look in the campaign folder in your maps directory for the original Enslavers missions)

At the same time that the UED was launching their massive assault against the Dominion capital of Augustgrad, a small Protoss force was sent to the Homeworld of Aiur. Their mission of infiltrating the infested Zerg stronghold and securing the stasis cells that held three critically wounded Protoss war heroes went awry with the arrival of an unidentified Shuttle. The Dark Templar that exited the craft did not join in the celebration of the mission's success, but instead savagely attacked and destroyed two of the three stasis cells, killing the warriors who were held within. Fortunately, these villains were stopped before they were able to destroy the final chamber that held the great hero Eredas.

These traitors now await trial where they will be judged for their crimes against the Protoss...

To have these levels run properly, they must BOTH be placed in the Campaign Folder in your StarCraft/Maps/ directory. When asked if you want to overwrite the (1)Episode02.scx placeholder map, answer "Yes". Download (963 KB)

  • Requires Brood War to play

  • Single Player Veteran Level Campaign

  • Use Map Settings

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