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June 25, 1999

Enslavers: Dark Vengeance
Episode V A: Showdown
Episode V B: Dark Vengeance

A Single Player Veteran Level Campaign.
(Look in the campaign folder in your maps directory for the original Enslavers missions)

What has gone before...

At the same time that the UED was launching their massive assault against the Dominion capital of Augustgrad, a small Protoss force was sent to the Homeworld of Aiur. Their mission to secure three stasis cells that held the bodies of critically wounded Protoss war heroes went awry as several Dark Templar destroyed two of the stasis cells, and were captured mere moments before they could destroy the third. Led by the powerful and defiant Dark Templar, Ulrezaj, these traitors to Aiur were found guilty by the tribunal, but before their sentencing could be carried out, a strike force commanded by the Terran criminal Alan Schezar arrived. These invaders freed the Dark Templar from their imprisonment and nearly destroyed the Protoss base that housed them in the process.

During his escape, Ulrezaj stole a Khaydarin crystal and -- through the powerful psionic emanations from that crystal -- was tracked back to a Terran base on Korhal controlled by the sympathizer Alan Schezar. The Protoss criminals were nowhere to be found at the base, but Schezar did have a sizable contingent of Zerg there, controlling them through means unknown. The Protoss fleet sent to attack the Terran base was faced with a difficult choice: either flush out the base commander by destroying the Terran Command Centers and force him to divulge where Schezar and Ulrezaj had fled, or track down and reclaim the stolen Khaydarin crystal.

Some Protoss warriors chose to reclaim the stolen Khaydarin crystal and discovered that Ulrezaj had made five twisted copies of it. These warped Khaydarin crystals were tracked to the ash world of Char. On Char, a small assault group of elite Protoss warriors escorted a Dark Archon to each twisted crystal where the Dark Archon's psionic fury shattered the crystals. One can only guess what diabolic scheme he had planned for the crystals.

If you destroyed the warped Khaydarin Crystals then you should play episode 5a.

Other warriors elected to destroy the Command Centers and gain the location of the nefarious Alan Schezar from the base commander. A small group of assassins was then dispatched to Braxis with orders to terminate Alan Schezar. When the Dark Templar pierced the terran defenses and destroyed Schezar's Goliath, the unexpected happened and Schezar surrendered his forces and knowledge to the Protoss. Before Schezar was able to reveal what he knew, a large group of Zerg assaulted Schezar's base, but the combined Protoss and Terran forces were able to wipe out the nearby Zerg nests.

If you destroyed Schezar's Goliath and he joined your forces, then you should play episode 5b.

To have these levels run properly, they must ALL be placed in the Campaign Folder in your StarCraft/Maps/ directory. When asked if you want to overwrite the (1)Episode05A.scx and (1)Episode05B.scx placeholder maps, answer "Yes". Download (963 KB)

  • Requires Brood War to play

  • Single Player Veteran Level Campaign

  • Use Map Settings

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