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May, 1998.
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Divided Factions
May 29, 1998

Even before Arcturus Mengsk and the Sons of Korhol overthrew the Terran Confederacy, several other rebellious factions fought for freedom. One such group, the Colonial Liberation Army, attempted to wrest control of the mining station Tyra by dividing the Confederate forces into smaller groups and fighting a series of skirmishes between opposing squads. In the end, the Confederate forces won the day with their "nuked earth" tactics.

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Enlarged View (198k)

May 22, 1998

The Protoss Templar have long used the ancient ruins of Mendella as a proving ground for promising disciples. The original settlement, built mostly underground, was flooded out during the Aeon of Strife when warring tribes destroyed a nearby reservoir in an attempt to drown their enemies. Recently, when the Zerg invaded Aiur, a nest from the Baelrog brood settled into the resource-rich area, and only a combined force of Protoss and Terran troops was able to cleanse the area.

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  • 128x128 Jungle World

  • Recommended for 2-4 players

  • Also great for allied melee games with Use Map Settings (top vs. bottom)

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