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June, 1998.
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June 26, 1998

One of the most sacred spots on Aiur is an ancient graveyard known as Ni Monn Adun, "Heart of Adun". Here the greatest of Adun's companions were laid to rest, and their psionic energy permeates the very air around the ancient site. Despite repeated attempts during their invasion, the Zerg were unable to occupy these grounds, for the Protoss fought with incredible ferocity to maintain the purity of Adun's Heart.

View Elderlands
Enlarged View (197k)
  • 192x192 Jungle World

  • Recommended for 4-8 Players

  • Use Map Settings for allied play (adjacent starting locations)

Bunker Command
June 19, 1998

The action is fast and furious as you lead your squad of soldiers on a search-and-destroy mission. You gain points for destroying enemy troops and bunkers, and points bring reinforcements, but beware-- if you lose your bunker, your entire team is destroyed and you start over!

Bunker Command

  • 96x96 Badlands

  • Designed for 4-6 Players with Use Map Settings

  • Trigger-driven map, some unit modifications

Jacob's Ladder
June 12, 1998

The Protoss Templar train constantly to maintain their fighting skills even during times of peace, rare as they are. Strategic wargames are carried out with a combination of real troops and hallucinations, and battlefields are chosen to allow the combatants an opportunity to hone a variety of tactical skills. This particular battlefield is a prime example and has been used for many inter-tribal competitions.

View Jacob's Ladder
Enlarged View (194k)

  • 96x96 Jungle World

  • Designed for 2 Players

June 5, 1998

The Zerg chose Char as a launching point not only for its remote location and rich resources, but because the rough terrain provided many hiding places for various Brood hatcheries. While this undoubtedly heLPed the Zerg conceal their numbers from Terran and Protoss scouts, it worked against them when Kerrigan was forced to hunt down the Dark Templar. This map is typical of the twisting cliffs and magma pools of Char.

View Eruption
Enlarged View (196k)

  • 128x128 Ash World

  • Recommended for 4-8 Players

  • Use Map Settings for allied play (odd vs. even)

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