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November, 1998.
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Download Typhoon
November 25, 1998

From the tranquil jungle climate of J'larre to the unrelenting firestorms that rage across the plains of Char, weather patterns across the galaxy can vary radically. It should come as no real surprise that the constant, torrential downpour from the skies over Grissom IV appears to ignore all common laws of meteorological science. The chaotic ferocity of these storms has resulted in the severe erosion of the planet's surface, creating strange shapes in the terrain -- and occasionally uncovering vast amounts of resources. Prospectors foolish enough to tempt the tempests that thunder across this world must be desperate souls indeed.

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Enlarged View (176k)

  • 192x128 Badlands

  • Recommended for 2-5 players

Enter the Garden of Aiur
November 20, 1998

Since its creation at the end of the Aeon of Strife, a sacred garden has been a maintained as a center for peace, tranquility and reflection upon the ways of the Khala. Following the destruction of Aiur's defenders at the hands of the Zerg, the garden became a focal point for pitched conflicts between the ravenous Swarm, mercenary Terrans in search of salvage, and the few remaining Protoss forces. Whether you have come to destroy this place or protect it, the blood of your enemies will ensure that the garden remains well watered.

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Enlarged View (213k)

  • 192x192 Jungle World

  • Recommended for 2-8 players

  • Use Map Settings for allied play

Download The Highway
November 12, 1998

The Terran frontier has remained a place devoid of any semblance of law and order for decades. On the desolate strips of prefabricated roadway that stretch between border colonies, gangs and outcast aliens terrorize any wayward travelers foolish enough to encroach into their territory. Traders and treasure seekers use these dangerous byways at their own risk. When two or more gangs square off in arguments over salvage rights or in border disputes, these highways host battles unrivaled in their ferocity and violence.

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Enlarged View (182k)

  • 192x128 Badlands Map

  • Recommended for 2-4 players

  • For Allied play Use Map Settings

Download Turbo
November 6, 1998

Originally designed as a means to test and observe the reactions of prospective battlefield commanders under rapidly changing battlefield conditions, the Arclite Turbo Simulator 2000-- has evolved into a way of life for a section of the military elite. The ATS2000-- duplicates a standard combat environment and then increases the tempo of combat to such a degree that even the most competent officers have trouble keeping up with the ever-changing tide of events. Commanders who can master this simulation will almost certainly be able to dominate their enemies once placed in normal battlefield conditions.

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Enlarged View (182k)

  • 192 x 192 Jungle World

  • Recommended for 2-8 players with Use Map Settings

  • Trigger-driven map with modified build times and cost

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