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August, 1998.
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Surprise! It's Friends98!
August 28, 1998

The constant strife and warfare that has divided our species has led us now to follow a new and shining path gilded with cooperation. With our new found allies, we shall begin to build an enlightened civilization of truth, honor and beauty. We will forge a new and lasting peace... a peace through superior firepower...

View Friends98
Enlarged View (176k)
  • 192x192 Jungle World

  • Designed for 4 to 8 players

  • Use Map Settings for allied play

August 21, 1998

Strange symbols based on ancient, sacred geometries that embodied a comprehensive knowledge of proportion and ratio have been a part of Terran culture since the late 17th century of their recorded history. It was later believed that these symbols were created when alien craft landed in fields -- a theory supported by the fact that aerial phenomenon had been observed in connection with the discovery of these formations.

When these key shapes began appearing on desolate platforms at the edge of known space, the Terrans dispatched teams of scientists in an attempt to finally learn whether these were simple plasma induced phenomenon or intelligently controlled formations with universal teaching. The truth is out there...

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Enlarged View (179k)

  • 192x192 Space Platform

  • Designed for 2 to 8 players

  • Use Map Settings for allied play

Ghost Town
August 14, 1998

Chau Sara has been a flash point for unparalleled hostilities during the Wars. Seeding the atmosphere with toxic spores, the Zerg enslaved the Terran population that founded the colony and changed the surface of the world to better support their Hive clusters. Then, out of the cold endlessness of space, a great Protoss fleet arrived and, seeking to prevent further infestation, incinerated the planet. Since that time, Chau Sara has been a lifeless world hanging in the void.

View Ghost Town
Enlarged View (208k)

Warp Gates
Download Warp Gates August 7, 1998

In the Aeon of Strife, Protoss warriors created warp gates to travel great distances instantaneously. The knowledge involved in their creation has been lost, but on some planets, these gates still remain. When these sites are discovered, they spawn some of the most violent battles as great powers try and control these ancient places of power. A series of these gates have been discovered and you and an Allied team have been dispatched to control these gates and discover the mysteries they contain.

  • 128x128 Jungle World

  • Designed for 2 on 2 allied play with Use Map Settings.

  • Trigger-driven map.

  • Also playable as a Melee map for 2-4 Players

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