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Hit Points: 25
Size: Small
Supply: 0
Cost: N/A
Build Time: 20
Produced at: Hatchery
Requires: Hatchery
Base Ground Attack: N/A
Base Air Attack: N/A
Base Armor: 10
Range: N/A
Sight: 4
Cooldown: N/A
Production Hot Key: N/A

The closest creatures to the original Zerg insectoids are the Zerg Larvae. Although their size and toughness were greatly boosted by the Xel'Naga during their experiments, they still possess the two traits that originally intrigued the ancient masters: genetic versatility and psychic sensitivity.

Maggot-like, Zerg Larvae contain within them the genetic code for all other Zerg breeds. When a new breed of Zerg is needed, an individual Larva will enter a pupal state and begin replicating the DNA of one specific Zerg breed at an astounding rate. After a short gestation period, the new mature Zerg hatches.

A young hive will only have the genetic code for the most basic of Zerg breeds, such as the Drone, but as it grows and develops new structures, its library of genetic strains is expanded. With a command from the Overmind, the Larva will enter a pupal state and begin the metamorphosis into whichever breed is required by the hive.

Larvae are produced at the Hatchery, Lair and Hive. They spawn one at a time up to a maximum of 3 per Hatchery/Lair/Hive. They require the Creep to survive and should the Creep ever dissipate from beneath them, the Larvae die shortly after. Unlike the mature Zerg breeds, Larvae do not require Overlord control and therefore can only be commanded to mutate by a Cerebrate.

To easily select all the Larvae from a particular Hatchery/Lair/Hive, select the Hatchery/Lair/Hive and hit the S key and all available Larvae will be highlighted. An alternate method can be used by holding down the Ctrl key while left clicking on one of the Larva -- this will select all the available Larvae on screen. Be sure to use one of these techiniques when you've progressed far enough to begin producing the mature Zerg breeds, as it will greatly increase the speed that you'll be able to morph Larva.

The Larvae are susceptible to many special abilities frome each race:

Defensive Matrix
As with any other unit, Defensive Matrix will provide a temporary 250 HP defensive barrier for the affected unit. The effect will carry over even if the Larva is morphed into a mature Zerg unit. Can be useful if an entire colony is destroyed and a Larva is needed to survive to rebuild the Brood.

Ensnare does slow down the movement of the Larva, but it serves no purpose other than to maybe help the Larva's controller to more easily select and morph them.

Hallucinated Larvae can be confusing for the controlling player since they will not be able to do anything with them, but the occasion may arise when the races involved may find it amusing.

While Larvae are immune to the direct effects of Irradiate, they can still cause secondary damage to any other adjacent Zerg units. However, if a Larva is morphed into a mature Zerg unit within the span of an Irradiate, the mature unit will begin taking damage as soon as it hatches.

Maelstrom effects can immobilize groups of Larvae, thus preventing them from mutating or morphing into the mature Zerg breeds but for a shorter period of time than Stasis Field.

Parasite can be used on Larva, and the symbiote will continue to function even if the Larva morphs into a mature Zerg unit.

Larvae are as susceptible to Plague as any other unit and can have their HP reduced to 1 by a Plague.

Psionic Storm
Larvae are not immune to the effects of Psionic Storm and die rather quickly when facing a Storm's destructive power.

Stasis Field
Stasis Fields can halt any Larva from being able to mutate or morph into the mature Zerg breeds for an extended period of time.

Yamato Gun
Yamato Gun blasts will instantly kill a targeted Larva.

Larvae have a base armor of 10 and are more difficult to destroy than one might expect. This can become a great advantage for the controlling Zerg player since enemy players may opt to move on after destroying a Zerg Colony leaving the Larvae to squirm on the Creep, however these lone Larva can be used to morph into Drones and rebuild the base in a short period of time.


Carapace Carapace
Level 1 - 150 150
Level 2 - 225 225
Level 3 - 300 300

Carapace - Each upgrade adds +1 to the Carapace for a total of +3 when fully upgraded.

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