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Hit Points: 25
Size: Small
Supply: 0.5
Cost: 12.5 37.5
Build Time: 30
Produced at: Lair/Hatchery
Requires: Spire
Base Ground Attack: N/A
Base Air Attack: 110
Base Armor: 0
Range: 1
Sight: 5
Cooldown: Instant
Production Hot Key: S

The Scourge serve as kamikaze-attack flying units, capable of causing 110 damage to aerial targets. Like Zerglings, Scourge spawn in pairs from a single Larva and can be produced in mass numbers in a very short period of time.

Their low vitality (HP) and inability to hit ground targets make them vulnerable to attack and therefore they should be used with stealth and caution so that they can best achieve their destructive potential. They prey easily on lone or small groups of enemy air units, but they lose their usefulness against larger groups of aerial units capable of counterattack.

To get the most of the Scourge, use them in combination with Mutalisks, Guardians or Devourers. The Scourge can quickly even the odds in the favor of an already established Zerg air force and with the Mutalisks/Guardians/Devourers there to absorb most of the damage from the enemy, the Scourge have a much better chance of a successful attack run.

Scourge acquire their targets very quickly and if used to patrol key areas, can be useful for putting an end to an enemy drop tactic. However, in the battlefield, all available Scourge may lock onto a single target and may simultaneously attack, resulting in a huge waste of resources for only one kill. As a result, you should either keep a watchful eye and tight control on your Scourge groups or separate them into pairs in case of auto acquiring as well as for easier management during a heated battle.

Determining the number of Scourge for a Kill
One thing to keep in mind when using Scourge is knowing how many are needed to destroy any given target. Using too few Scourge will only damage a target and with the Terran ability to repair, Protoss ability to recharge shields and the Zerg ability to regenerate, only damaging a target can be a waste of time and resources. Using too many Scourge is a waste of precious Vespene Gas and should be avoided whenever possible. Listed below is the minimum number of Scourge needed to destroy each unit (but more may be necessary if these units are in groups):

Wraith - 2 Scourge
Dropship - 2 Scourge
Valkyrie - 2 Scourge
Science Vessel - 2 Scourge
Battlecruiser - 6 Scourge (1 will always be killed en route)

Observer - 1 Scourge
Shuttle - 2 Scourge
Scout - 3 Scourge
Corsair - 2 Scourge
Carrier - 5 Scourge
Arbiter - 4 Scourge

Overlord - 2 Scourge
Mutalisk - 2 Scourge
Guardian - 2 Scourge
Devourer - 3 Scourge

Of the listed units, the best choices for a Scourge attack are the Dropship, Science Vessel, Observer, Shuttle, Carrier, Arbiter, Overlord and Guardian. These units make prime candidates either because they have little or no means of stopping the Scourge attack run and the damage they can potentially cause make it worth it to kill them as quickly as possible to neutralize the threat. The one unit you will almost never want to kill using Scourge is the Battlecruiser. Their immense firepower can easily annihilate Scourge as they move in for the kill and if the Battlecruisers are in groups of 4 or larger, the sheer number of Scourge needed to kill even one Battlecruiser becomes ridiculous. At best, use Scourge to kill lone Battlecruisers and even then be wary of any support they might have from the ground or air. If you absolutely have to use Scourge against Battlecruisers, be sure to upgrade the Flyer Carapce. This can give the Scourge a slighty better chance of success by being able to survive two shots rather than one (given that the Battlecruisers are unupgraded).

Scourges close on a Shuttle Scourges scatter a group Cloaked Wraiths

[ Click to Enlarge - 74 KB ]
Two Templars bail out just before Scourges destroy a Shuttle.

[ Click to Enlarge - 98 KB ]
A group of Scourges shatter a Cloaked Wraith attack wing after being revealed by an Overlord.


The Scourge are particularly vulnerable to anti-air ground units of any kind, so whenever possible, use those ground units to eliminate the Scourge threat.


  • Marines and Goliaths can both attack Scourge with complete impunity.
  • Cloaked Wraiths can destroy packs of Scourge quickly (if undetected).
  • Irradiate from Science Vessels can quickly destroy/damage packs of Scourge.
  • Battlecruisers are the ultimate Scourge killers, especially with attack upgrades.


  • Dragoons and Archons can both attack Scourge with complete impunity.
  • The High Templar's Psionic Storm can instantly eradicate groups of Scourge.
  • Fleets of Scouts or Corsairs can do well against Scourge.
  • If unescorted, Arbiters can use Stasis Field to halt an incoming Scourge attack.


  • Hydralisks can attack Scourge with complete impunity.
  • Mutalisks or Devourers in large groups can deal with Scourge.

Flyer Carapace Flyer Carapace
Level 1 - 150 150
Level 2 - 225 225
Level 3 - 300 300

Flyer Carapace - Each upgrade adds +1 to the Flyer Carapace for a total of +3 when fully upgraded.

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