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Hit Points: 120
Size: Medium
Supply: 2
Cost: 100 100
Build Time: 50
Produced at: Lair/Hatchery
Requires: Queen's Nest
Energy: 200 (Upgrade to 250)
Base Ground Attack: N/A
Base Air Attack: N/A
Base Armor: 0
Range: N/A
Sight: 10
Cooldown: N/A
Production Hot Key: Q

The Zerg "Queen" (a misnomer, as it does not produce Larvae) is capable of producing biotoxins that have dramatic effects on both Zerg and other lifeforms. There have also been reports of Queens spawning smaller Zerg creatures (Broodlings) by injecting other species with thrown egg clusters. Like the Overlords, the Queens appear to tend to Larvae, and are generally found near the central nest.

A Queen has no physical attack of its own, but it does have the ability to hover through the air at great speeds, allowing it to escape from harm relatively quickly. What makes the Queen a truly deadly Zerg breed are the abilities it has at its disposal including: Ensnare, Spawn Broodling and Parasite. For more details on these abilities, check out the Special Abilities section below.

Queens are completely vulnerable to attack of any kind, however the ability to fly limit the number of units that can successfully destroy a Queen. Know which units can hit these Queens and use every opportunity to hunt them down.


  • Stimpacked Marines are a prime choice to hunt down any Queen hovering over open ground.
  • Goliaths with the Charon Booster upgrade can hit Queens from a great distance while inflicting considerable damage. They come in especially handy for hitting Queens using terrain to stay out of harm's way (i.e. over water, space, high ground).
  • Missle Turrets are probably the best defensive measure against Queens. Build a ring of them around a base to keep the Queens at bay.
  • Cloaked Wraiths can quickly dispatch Queens, but beware of being Ensnared or Parasited in the process.
  • Use Irradiate with Science Vessels to destroy Queens.
  • Battlecruisers and Yamato Gun are especially nice for killing stray Queens unfortunate enough to get in the way.


  • Use Dragoons to clear out any Queen presence over open ground.
  • Scouts and Corsairs make excellent Queen hunters with their powerful attacks and quick speed.
  • The High Templar's Psionic Storm can be useful for damaging any idle Queens within range. However, with their quick speed and reflexes, Queens will typically escape before a Psionic Storm can deal its full damage to them.
  • Carriers can be used to chase away Queens, but with the Queen's speed, it is usually difficult to actually kill one with a Carrier.
  • Use the Dark Archons Maelstrom ability to immobilize a Queen, use the Feedback ability to cripple or damage it, or take over a Queen completely with Mind Control.
Corsairs chase a Queen

[ Click to Enlarge - 85 KB ]
4 Corsairs chase down a Queen.


  • Hydralisks make a good choice for killing Queens over open ground.
  • Scourge are well suited for hunting and destroying Queens anywhere on the battlefield.
  • Mutalisks and Devourers make excellent Queen hunters.
  • Use your own Queens to Ensnare or Parasite enemy Queens.
  • Use the Defiler's Plague ability to heavily wound enemy Queens.


Flyer Carapace Flyer Carapace
Level 1 - 150 150
Level 2 - 225 225
Level 3 - 300 300
Gamete Meiosis Gamete Meiosis
150 150
(+50 Queen energy)

Flyer Carapace - Each upgrade adds +1 to the Flyer Carapace for a total of +3 when fully upgraded.

Gamete Meiosis - This evolved property gives the Queen the ability to hold an additional 50 energy, increasing the Queen's energy limit to 250.

Special Abilities

Infest Command Center Infest Command Center
Cost: None

Queens can naturally produce bio-toxins that can be unleashed on damaged Terran Command Centers. Once these toxins are released they quickly infest the facility, bringing it under the control of the Zerg.

Infesting a Command Center is a simple process. During your attack of a Command Center, just place a Queen over it and as soon as enough damage is inflicted, the Queen will automatically enter the facility and infest it. The infestation process is very quick and within moments the Command Center will be yours to move and to produce Infested Terrans.

Infest enemy Command Centers whenever the opportunity arises, even if you have no need for Infested Terrans. You have to remember that not only do you gain the Infested Command Center for your own use, you are taking it away from your enemy, perhaps stalling future plans for expansion. On the other hand, if you have a dire need for Infested Terrans, you can also infest friendly Command Centers (an ally's or teammate's) just as well as enemy ones.

Parasite Parasite
Cost: 75 Energy
Range: 12

The Queen can produce and attach a remora-like Parasite to any other unit, organic or not. These parasites give their Queen the ability to see everything the affected unit can see. These Parasites, once attached, are difficult to remove and can be destroyed either by killing the host unit or having a Medic use her Restoration ability on the host unit. Zerg Drones that have been Parasited can destroy the Parasite by morphing into a structure. In any other situation, the Parasite will survive for as long as the host unit is alive and will continue to share the affected unit's vision with the Queen. Note that this ability works only with units -- buildings of any kind cannot be Parasited.

Units that have been Parasited can be distinguished through the status window. If only the affected unit is selected, the status screen will indicate that a Parasite has been detected. If the unit is group selected with other units, its wireframe icon will appear green instead of the normal blue. But even with these obvious clues, it can be easy for an opponent to overlook a worker or other unit that may be Parasited.

Parasite is an effective counter to cloakable/burrowing units and if a unit is Parasited before it cloaks it can be seen by the Queen's brood. Also if an enemy detector is Parasited, it will reveal all cloaked units within its sight range. This makes Overlords, Observers and Science Vessels especially good targets for Parasite.

A few other prime targets for Parasite include but are not limited to: Arbiters, Archons, Shuttles, Battlecruisers, Ghosts or Wraiths (before they cloak), Dropships, Siege Tanks, Guardians, and Overlords. The reason why you don't usually want to Parasite a smaller or cheaper unit is because they are easily killed, whether by your hand or by your enemy's. The loss of one Parasited Zergling, Marine or Zealot means almost nothing to an opponent, especially if it means keeping a small element of surprise. Transports like the Shuttle, Dropship and Overlord are very good choices for Parasite because not only will you be able to see what may be loading into those units, but you will be able to spot any attempts for a drop attack. One thing to be wary of when Parasiting is becoming too complacent or overconfident. Clever commanders may use Parasited units to set up a decoy attack then attacking a completely different area, most likely one that is lightly defended. So despite having the advantage of the Parasite's shared vision, keep your guard up at all times.

Queen Parasites Zealot

[ Click to Enlarge - 89 KB ]
A Queen has Parasited this Zealot. The Zealot watches for a Zerg expansion but the Zerg player is using the Parasited Zealot to watch to see if the Protoss player tries to use this resource location.

Ensnare Ensnare
100 100
Cost: 75 Energy
Range: 9

When a Queen uses its Ensnare ability, a web of sticky green fluid is ejected over a small area, affecting all units caught beneath it. The affected area covers a 4x4 matrix and lasts for approximately 40 seconds. Once a unit is caught by an Ensnare, its movement is cut in half. Note that this ability is indiscriminate in its effects and you can potentially get your own units caught.

As an area effect ability, Ensnare is useful for slowing down tightly packed groups of units, giving you the battle advantage once you confront the affected group. The best time to use this ability is just before a battle and the better prepared you are to take advantage of the after effects, the better.

One of the most useful properties of an Ensnare is that it can reveal and affect any cloaked units caught within the web. The best way to catch cloaked units is to watch for the slight visual distortion that a cloak field generates and cast the Ensnare over the area that the cloaked units appear to be in. If it looks like the cloaked units are moving, lead the Ensnare casting to where the units will be once the web takes effect and the results will generally be more favorable for you.

To further increase your advantage after revealing cloaked units with an Ensnare, use Parasite on the Ensnared cloaked units and you'll be able to eliminate any advantage that unit might've had with its cloaking field.

Queen Ensnares some Zealots

[ Click to Enlarge - 94 KB ]
Queens Ensnare enemy Zealots making them slower. Another Queen prepares to Broodling a Templar.

Queen Spawn Broodling
100 100
Cost: 150 Energy
Range: 9

Once evolved with the ability, Queens can launch a small spore cluster to a target non-robotic ground unit. The spores then attempt to fertilize within any organic matter in the target, even making their way through armored shells to reach their organic destination. The spores metabolize the victim immediately and within a few seconds, the spores gestate and produce a pair of Broodlings which, upon an explosive birth, destroy the host.

The Queen can launch these deadly spores from up to 9 matrices away and in groups, Queens can clear out defensive blockades or halt an enemy invasion in a matter of seconds. Every ground-based organic unit has the right be fearful of the Queen, from the minute Zergling to the mighty Ultralisk and Siege Tank.

Although the ability requires a considerable amount of energy to be used (150 energy), the fact that the energy regenerates and the victims do not, make Spawn Broodling one of the deadliest abilities in the Zerg arsenal. However, unless you have large numbers of Queens at ready, you will usually want to be selective with which units to infest. Prime targets include the Ultralisk, Siege Tank and High Templar since their abilities and attack power are significant enough to turn the tide of battle at any time. However, don't limit yourself to these targets, using Spawn Broodling to clear out groups of Goliaths or Dragoons to give your air forces a better chance for a successful attack or defense. In some cases, Spawn Broodling can come in handy for the sole purpose of forcing your opponent to waste resources in producing units to replace those lost in the birth of a pair of Broodlings.

One thing to keep in mind that although the ability can prove itself to be extremely useful, be careful where you send your Queen to carry out the task. Should the Queen be forced to wade through a multitude of Missle Turrets or Photon Cannons, the ability will be useless if the Queen dies before it can accomplish the deed.

Queen Queens Templar Queen Queens Templar

[ Click to Enlarge - 80 KB ]
A Queen Spawn Broodlings a nearby Templar.

[ Click to Enlarge - 90 KB ]
A Queen provides protection for a group of Hydralisks by using her Spawn Broodling ability on enemy Templar.

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