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StarCraft Season III Final Tournament Match
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:+:jolly:+: vs. Honest'[sg]
Match: One
Map: Gauntlet
:+:jolly:+: Zerg Orange Right
Honest'[sg] Zerg Brown Left
Length of Match: 14:49


After a short session of talking smack in the chat channel, both players get ready to see who would be the champion of Season 03. Since the first map to be played is Gauntlet, it is no surprise that both competitors choose to command the Zerg. While both players send their Overlords to scout, Jolly is the first to spot his opponent. Honest'[sg] makes the first major move of the game by starting an expansion at the bottom left resource node. Both players make the quick move to mutate a Spire with their build times almost identical. :+:jolly:+: goes on the attack first with 8 Zerglings as Honest'[sg] continues to ramp up his expansion production. :+:jolly:+: manages to get his expansion going soon after this as his Zerglings make their way down to Honest'[sg]'s base. :+:jolly:+: gets the first kill of the game with a pair of Scourge, and soon both players begin losing Overlords to Plasma Metamorphosis the small fliers.

The Zerglings that :+:jolly:+: sent out finally wind their way into Honest'[sg]'s base and target his Spire, but before they can tear it down, they are fended off by three Mutalisks.

:+:jolly:+: continues to pump out the Scourge and badly wounds Honest'[sg]'s Mutalisks, but not before all of his attacking Zerglings are dead. Jolly continues his Overlord killing spree but -- unknown to him -- Honest'[sg] has gathered a group of 8 Mutalisks to guard his damaged Spire. Both players then take their time to regroup, with Honest'[sg] gaining the upper hand with his ever-growing group of Mutalisks. Finally going on the offensive, Honest'[sg] sneaks up the left side of the map and finds several Overlords near :+:jolly:+:'s expansion.

The Overlords soon fall from the sky as the Mutalisks and their Scourge escorts make quick work of the Overlords. :+:jolly:+: desperately tries to defend with a few Mutalisks and Scourge, but is beaten down in the 2nd conflict.

Honest'[sg] then goes in for the kill at :+:jolly:+:'s main base. Without any units in reserve for defense, :+:jolly:+: concedes and Honest'[sg] takes the first win of the match.

Length of Match: 14:49

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