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StarCraft Season III Final Tournament Match
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:+:jolly:+: vs. Honest'[sg]
Match: Two
Map: Acropolis
:+:jolly:+: Zerg Aqua Top Left
Honest'[sg] Zerg Brown MidLower Right
Length of Match: 8:09


Game 2 takes place on a much larger map and both players are forced to rely on early Overlord scouting to scour the map in search of their opponent. :+:jolly:+: makes the first move towards quicker scouting by sending out a scattering of Zerglings, and is the first to find an enemy base.

While Honest'[sg]'[sg] decides to focus on Mutalisks creation again, :+:jolly:+: has made the move for a massive Zergling rush.

:+:jolly:+:'s conga line of Zerglings just barely misses finding Honest'[sg]'s first expansion, but DO manage to discover the completely undefended main base which is quickly ravaged by the bloodthirsty horde.

Honest'[sg]'s drones are savagely mowed down -- as is his expansion, which :+:jolly:+: finally finds with some wandering Zerglings. :+:jolly:+: claims a quick and brutal win.

Length of Match: 8:09

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