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StarCraft Season III Final Tournament Match
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:+:jolly:+: vs. Honest'[sg]
Match: Five
Map: Bone Canyon
:+:jolly:+: Zerg Brown Mid Right
Honest'[sg] Zerg Yellow MidLower Left
Length of Match: 15:57

(4)Bone Canyon

Up three games to one, Honest'[sg] just needs one more victory to take the Season title. :+:jolly:+:, pulling out all the stops, uses the "trick" build once again to get an extra Drone. Both players go for quick expansions, with :+:jolly:+: claiming the top-right and Honest'[sg] moving to the bottom-left. They also both quickly hatch a few Zerglings. :+:jolly:+: makes the first move by sending out 6 Zerglings on a search and destroy mission, and finds Honest'[sg]'s main base. Honest'[sg], however, has a few Zerglings waiting and manages to defend against the incursion.

:+:jolly:+: continues to pump out the Zerglings and sends down another massive group. They are intercepted, however, as they stream single file into Honest'[sg]'s expansion by the well placed, tightly packed defenders. The fact that :+:jolly:+:'s units were streaming in, coupled with the distance they had to travel in comparison to Honest'[sg] being able to set a defensive formation that could easily be reinforced, proved to be the difference.

Quickly regrouping, Honest'[sg] makes the obligatory counterattack and rushes up to :+:jolly:+:'s expansion. Somewhat surprised, he finds it only lightly defended as :+:jolly:+: had sent in the bulk of his forces in the earlier strike.

Honest'[sg]'s Zerglings tear up the open hive cluster and :+:jolly:+: retreats his few Zerglings to the high ground of his main base. Defending from this tactically superior position prevents his main base from going down. :+:jolly:+: then hatches a few Mutalisks and sends the offending Zerglings packing. Honest'[sg] soon follows his lead and both players now maintain large armies of Zerglings, Mutalisks, Scourge and Hydralisks.

Honest'[sg] goes on the offensive again and, as the two meet just outside of :+:jolly:+:'s rebuilt expansion, Honest'[sg] is able to overpower his adversary once again.

Despite a valiant effort to drive back the incoming swarms, :+:jolly:+: is forced to concede defeat as Honest'[sg] takes his Mutalisks, Zerglings and Scourge to the top as the StarCraft Season III Tournament in a 4-1 series win.

Length of Match: 15:57

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