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:+:jolly:+: vs. Honest'[sg]
Match: Three
Map: Ashrigo
:+:jolly:+: Protoss Red Bottom Left
Honest'[sg] Zerg White Top Left
Length of Match: 23:54


Both players start the game by letting their species be randomly determined. :+::+:jolly:+: :+: draws the Protoss while Honest'[sg] seems destined to play as Zerg. :+:jolly:+: is once again the first to find his opponent with a scouting Probe, and sees that he only has a Hatchery.

Trying to take another early advantage, :+:jolly:+: send up two more Probes and a Zealot. Honest'[sg] spots the incoming force with a wandering Drone, and knowing he has lost the element of surprise, :+:jolly:+: ends up just sitting outside of Honest'[sg]'s main base.

Honest'[sg] then makes a decisive move to create an offensive force as he quickly puts up a 2nd hatchery, a Spawning Pool, an Extractor and a Hydralisk Den, as well as hatching a few Zerglings for defense.

:+:jolly:+: decides not to press his early advantage and the tables are soon turned as :+:jolly:+:'s production has been sacrificed for the quick Zealot production. Honest'[sg] has 8 Zerglings and quickly heads down to one of the ramps near :+:jolly:+: 's main base. Honest'[sg] holds the high ground outside of :+:jolly:+: 's main base while :+:jolly:+: uses the same tactic by staging 4 Zealots at the top of the ramp at his main entrance.

:+:jolly:+: sends a lone zealot towards Honest'[sg]'s base to scout, but quickly retreats as he runs into the group of Zerglings. Both players opt to build up before attacking, and :+:jolly:+: 's first Dragoon gets a kill on a scouting Overlord.

But, despite the short moment of excitement, both players continue to play conservatively and amass more troops. :+:jolly:+: finally gets a Reaver and a Shuttle and groups them with 3 dragoon and a few Zealots. Unfortunately for him, he's spotted by one of Honest'[sg]'s Overlords which gets quickly killed by :+:jolly:+: 's Dragoons.

As :+:jolly:+: continues to make his way up the map, Honest'[sg] catches him by surprise with a pair of Scourge that destroys the Reaver-laden Shuttle in mid flight!

Honest'[sg] then brings down a large group of Mutalisks and Zerglings and :+:jolly:+: 's first offensive group is quickly torn apart.

Honest'[sg], riding high off of his quick victory, makes his way down towards :+:jolly:+: 's main base and meets up with 8 Dragoons. The Mutalisks and Dragoons begin another heated battle and, as Honest'[sg]'s Zerglings reach the base, it almost looks as if Honest'[sg] is going to win.

:+:jolly:+: , however, produces a Reaver just in time and the ravenous Zerglings explode in a shower of alien ichor as the Dragoons fend off the Mutalisks. :+:jolly:+: narrowly manages to live for a little while longer!

About this time, :+:jolly:+: spots Honest'[sg]'s attempt to expand to top right corner and sends up two groups of Dragoons along with a Reaver in a Shuttle. The Dragoons split their forces, but one of the groups is intercepted by a huge flock of Mutalisks. Though they fight as well as they can, the Protoss are greatly outnumbered and the Dragoons go down almost instantly.

As this skirmish plays itself out, :+:jolly:+: 's other squad of Dragoons and the Shuttle (with Reaver) makes its way to Honest'[sg]'s expansion and begins the assault.

:+:jolly:+: does manage to kill off all the structures at the expansion, but once again the ever-growing swarm of Mutalisks fly in and save the day.

Honest'[sg] is able to rebuild by morphing the remaining larvae into Drones and building on the existing Creep before it fully deteriorates. The Mutalisks then move down just above :+:jolly:+: 's main base, locating :+:jolly:+: 's first attempt at and expansion in the process. The 17 Mutalisks make quick work of the fortified base with a slight loss in power.

An Archon arrives in a last ditch effort to save the colony, but the Mutalisks prove to be more than a match for it. :+:jolly:+: is forced to give up the resource node as his expansion is quickly taken down by the Zerg and the Mutalisks are joined by a gang of Hydralisks.

Refusing to give up, :+:jolly:+: attempts one more time to expand at the center of the map, supported by an Archon and two Dragoons.

Once again, Honest'[sg] has the clear advantage with the sheer number of Mutalisks he has created and the center expansion is crushed.

:+:jolly:+: makes one last attack by sneaking up a Shuttle filled with troops up the left side of the map. Unfortunately, he flies directly over a group of Hydralisks that have been left behind to guard Honest'[sg]'s expansion and the Shuttle goes down, along with any hope for :+:jolly:+: to take this game. :+:jolly:+: finally gives in and Honest'[sg] takes Game 3 of the series.

Length of Match: 23:54

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