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:+:jolly:+: vs. Honest'[sg]
Match: Four
Map: Green Valleys
:+:jolly:+: Zerg Red Top Center
Honest'[sg] Zerg White Bottom Right
Length of Match: 17:20

(8)Green Valleys

:+:jolly:+: uses a "trick" to get a fast jumpstart on his production. He sets down an Extractor and Creep Colony, creating two more Drones to take their place. But then CANCELS both structures before they finish and gets 2 more Drones than his one Overlord can support! Using these "additional" workers, :+:jolly:+: goes for a quick expansion. Honest'[sg] goes for his first expansion without benefit of the "trick" maneuver and is soon well behind :+:jolly:+: in resources.

Both players use their Overlords to scout the map while building their Zergling swarms. :+:jolly:+: takes advantage of his increased resources and switches gears by pumping out Hydralisks at his expansion. Unfortunately, his 9 Hydralisks are no match for the 10+ Zerglings that Honest'[sg] brings up, and :+:jolly:+: 's expansion is soon overrun with Zerglings.

:+:jolly:+: tries the "lure and move" tactic with his Hydralisks, but the Zerglings take them through sheer numbers alone and both Hatcheries at :+:jolly:+: 's expansion go down.

Forced to retreat, :+:jolly:+: brings his surviving Hydralisks back to his main base and begins fortifying the site with two Sunken Colonies. The vicious Zergling army of Honest'[sg] makes its way into :+:jolly:+: 's base and a massive battle ensues as the Zerglings try to destroy as much as they can.

:+:jolly:+: uses everything at his disposal to beat them back, and barely succeeds in killing off the Zerglings with a group of Hydralisks supported by all of his Drones and the Sunken Colonies.

Honest'[sg] continues to crank out the Zerglings, but by now he's also begun production of Mutalisks as both players take a little time to build back up. Honest'[sg] makes the next move by going Overlord hunting with his Mutalisks and then takes them in for a few hit-and-run assaults on :+:jolly:+: 's main base.

Deciding to make an all or none attempt at victory, :+:jolly:+: sends down a massive group of partially upgraded Hydralisks into Honest'[sg]'s main base, and the two forces meet up right outside of the base's perimeter.

The Hydralisks are intercepted by a HUGE group of Mutalisks and Zerglings and, after a few painful seconds, the Hydralisks are torn to shreds by the land/air combo that Honest'[sg] has prepared.

Honest'[sg] makes his final push back up to :+:jolly:+: 's main base. The Mutalisks and Zerglings prove to be too much for the defending Hydralisks and Sunken Colonies as :+:jolly:+: is forced to concede defeat for the third time in the series. Honest'[sg] is now one game shy of taking the crown as the two head into the 5th, and possibly final, game of the series…

Length of Match: 17:20

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