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The Terrans have two units capable of cloaking: the Ghost and the Wraith. To cloak your Ghosts, you must research Personal Cloaking at the Covert Ops add-on to the Science Facility. Personal Cloaking is useful for allowing your Ghosts to sneak near the enemy camp to launch nukes, and to allow Ghosts to safely cast Lockdown. To cloak your Wraiths, you must research Cloaking Field at the Control Tower add-on attached to the Starport.

Terrans can detect cloaked units using Missile Turrets, Science Vessels, and using Scanner Sweep, a special ability of the ComSat Station, an add-on to the Command Center.

ComSat and Hot Keying.
The ComSat Station is a very important tool in the Terran arsenal for recon and cloak detection. It reveals an area of the map for a short amount of time, allowing you to spy on the enemy and see what they are up to, watch resource spots to make sure the enemy is not using them, and reveal cloaked and burrowed units. The enemy can do nothing to counter this except destroy the building itself. When used, the enemy will hear the ComSat sound if they happen to have their screen over or near the area when you cast it. There is also a graphic that looks like a ring of stars they might notice. When fighting Terran vs. Terran you'll want to listen for the distinctive sound and graphic so you'll know when to retreat your Wraiths and/or Ghosts.

As soon as you get an Academy, quickly build the ComSat Station add-on to your Command Center. Make sure when building around your Command Center you keep an area clear so your add-on will fit. As soon as the ComSat Station starts building, assign it to a hot key number by holding down Control and hit 1 (or some number 0-9). Then whenever you want to use the ComSat station, press 1 or the # you assigned (To select the ComSat station Building) - S (To use the scanner) then click on the area you want to see on either the mini-map or scroll to the location using the arrow keys and left click.

With practice you will find you can use the Scanner with lightning speed. If you assign hot keys to ComSat stations in a consistent pattern you will have much better control during game play. (I use 1-3 for ComSat Stations.) This is a very important thing to learn how to do when you come up against cloaked units such as Protoss Observers, Protoss units under Arbiters, cloaked Wraiths/Ghosts, and burrowed units. You will find you can reveal the cloaked units almost instantly after they attack using this method. (Just a simple 1 - S - left click)

You will find 3 or more ComSat Stations will allow you to watch the map very well, but the more the merrier. You will of course need a Command Center for each ComSat Station.

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