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Real-time strategy games often require you to strive to do things as quickly and easily as possible, in as few steps as necessary to save time. Time that is saved can be applied to other duties which will allow you to play much better overall. StarCraft has many hot keys (or keyboard shortcuts) which allow you to do things much faster than clicking the mouse on the proper button. The more you use hot keys, the faster you will find you can get things done. In addition to the standard hot keys for moving and attacking, Terrans have many species-specific shortcuts you might want to learn.

R - Repair.
L - Lift-Off.



M - Marine
F - Firebat
C - Medic
G - Ghost

V - Vulture
T - Tank
G - Goliath

W - Wraith
D - Dropship
V - Science Vessel
B - Battlecruiser
Y - Valkyrie


B - Basic Structure.


C - Command Center.
S - Supply Depot.
R - Refinery.
B - Barracks.
E - Engineering Bay.
T - Missile Turret.
A - Academy.
U - Bunker.

V - Advanced Structures.


F - Factory.
S - Starport.
I - Science Facility.
A - Armory.

Add-on Buildings

C - ComSat Station (Command Center).
N - Nuclear Silo (Command Center).
C - Machine Shop (Factory).
C - Covert Ops (Science Facility).
P - Physics Labs (Science Facility).


S - Scanner Sweep (ComSat Station).
T - Stim Pack (Marines & Firebats).
A - Heal (Medics).
R - Restoration (Medics).
F - Optic Flare (Medics).
Y - Yamato (Battlecruisers).
L - Lockdown (Ghosts).
C - Cloaking (Ghosts & Wraiths).
D - Defensive Matrix (Science Vessels).
I - Irradiate (Science Vessels).
E - EMP (Science Vessels).


L - Load (Bunkers & Dropships).
U - Unload (Bunkers & Dropships).
O - Siege/Tank Mode (Tanks).
I - Use Spider Mines (Vultures).
N - Nuclear Strike (Ghosts).
N - Arm Nuclear Silo.

Engineering Bay

W - Infantry Weapons.
A - Infantry Armor.


U - U-238 Shells.
T - Stim Pack Tech.
R - Restoration.
F - Optic Flare.
D - Caduceus Reactor.


W - Vehicle Weapons.
P - Vehicle Plating.
S - Ship Weapons.
H - Ship Plating.

Control Tower(Starport)

C - Cloaking Field.
A - Apollo Reactor.

Machine Shop(Factory)

I - Ion Thrusters.
M - Spider Mines.
S - Siege Tech.
C - Charon Boosters.

Science Facility

E - Research EMP.
I - Research Irradiate
T - Research Titan Reactor

Covert Ops(Science Facility)

L - Research Lockdown
O - Ocular Implants
M - Moebius Reactor
C - Personal Cloaking

Physics Lab(Science Facility)

Y - Yamato Gun
C - Colossus Reactor

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