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Command Center Units
Eng. Jim Smith, Gamma Squad 33rd
Space Construction Vehicle [SCV]
Barracks Units
Pvt. Malkovich, Gamma Squadron 13th
Mjr. Montag, Omega Squadron 28th
Firebat Armored Assault Trooper
[ Classified ]
Ghost Espionage/Counter Intelligence Agent

Combat Physician (Medic)
Factory Units
Cpt. Punder, Omega Squadron 28th
Vulture Hover Cycle Pilot
Pvt. Armstrong, tank pilot, Omega Squadron 41st
Arclite Siege Tank Crew Member
Sgt. Wynn, Delta Squadron 15th
Goliath Combat Walker Pilot
Starport Units
Cpl. Dunsil, Delta Squadron 14th
Wraith Fighter Pilot
Cpt. Morrow, Alpha Squadron 33rd
Dropship Pilot/Co-Pilot
Cpt. Bolshev, CSF Ragnorak
Behemoth-Class Battlecruiser
Dr. Martens, Specialist First Class, Epsilon Squad 3rd
Explorer Science Vessel
Cpt. Ansel, Gamma Squadron 1st
Valkyrie Missile Frigate

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