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Space Construction Vehicle (SCV)
Construction | Resource Mining | Repairing | Upgrades

Hit Points: 60
Size: Small
Supply: 1
Cost: 50
Build Time: 20
Trained at: Command Center
Requires: Command Center
Ground Attack: 5
Air Attack: None
Range: 1
Sight: 7
Armor: 0 (Upgrade to +3)
Dropship Carries: 8 SCVs
Production Hot key: S

Function and Background
Initially used during the reconstruction of the Tarsonian Orbital Platforms, the T-280 SCV (Space Construction Vehicle) became a staple in intra-Colonial construction and engineering due to its ability to perform any number of construction tasks within the vacuum of space. It is this versatility, and an unmatched reliability, that make the SCV an invaluable tool in rapidly establishing Marine encampments and strike bases on any terrain. Maintain your civilian status while serving your Colony!

The SCV is the most basic of the Terran units. SCVs are the Terran's worker bee. SCVs perform all manual labor such as the constructing and repairing of buildings, as well as mining both gas and mineral resources.

SCVs are built in the Command Center. You can queue up to 5 SCVs at once in each Command Center.


SCVs construct all the Terran buildings. Only one SCV is able to construct a building at a time. Unlike Warcraft 2, you cannot assign multiple SCVs to one building to speed up the building process because there is no equivalent with the other two races.

Once a SCV is constructing a building, you cannot assign other commands to that SCV until it finishes with it's construction of the building. You can cancel the building to regain control of that SCV. If a SCV is killed while constructing a building, the building remains at whatever state or degree of completeness until construction is finished or it is destroyed. Simply select a SCV and right click on the uncompleted building to finish it's construction.

Build then mine
There is a trick to allow your SCV to mine resources after completing a building to prevent it from sitting idle until you give it further commands (a good idea in a real-time game). Select the SCV, then hold down shift and while holding shift, select the building you want your SCV to construct. Once you have done that, and while still holding shift, right-click on Minerals or gas and let go of the shift button. Note: you must give the shift-clicked Command before the SCV starts constructing the building or you can't give any other commands. When your SCV is done constructing the building, it will start mining the resource on it's own.

Another way to do the same thing is tell a SCV to build a building, then quickly, before the SCV starts constructing the building, hold down Shift, right-click on Minerals or a Gas mine, then let go of the Shift button. The difference between this and the above method is you are pressing Shift after instructing the SCV to start the building, rather before. Both methods will work but you may find one easier than the other.

Resource Mining

The SCV is capable of mining both minerals and gas. To mine minerals simply right click on them with the SCV. Each Mineral spot can only be mined by one SCV at a time. The SCV looks for what it thinks is the first and most likely closest available spot to mine, if none are available, it waits by a mineral spot until it's free. Because of this, there is a certain point where you can have too many SCVs mining minerals. If you have a large portion of your SCVs waiting to mine, you have reached this point. At that point your SCVS are not doing anything at all (even though it may appear that they are), and it's better that they find something else to do (such as mine at another location).

It is up to you to determine how many SCVs to place on mining minerals without building too many. A good rule is about 2-2 1/2 SCVs per mineral chunk, although you might want to build more or less depending on the distance of your Command Center to the minerals. (Move your hall as close as possible to the Minerals)

To mine gas you must first build a refinery on the gas mine. After that is completed, select SCVs and right click on the refinery to mine gas. Only one SCV can mine a gas mine at a time. The maximum number of SCVs mining a gas mine (if your Command Center is as close as possible) is 3-4 SCVs. If you place any more on gas, they will just stack up on the refinery waiting to mine gas. If your Command Center is further away from gas (most likely because it's closer to the minerals) you might want to devote more SCVs to mining gas.


The Importance of Repairing
Terrans, unlike the other two races, do not repair themselves on their own such as the Protoss do with shield regeneration and Zerg do with hit point regeneration. Therefore it's up to you to repair your units and buildings as they get damaged. You will find that the difficulty of the up-keep of your units and buildings is worth the trouble, because unlike the other two races, (except in the case of the Protoss Shield battery) you can instantly repair and recover from attacks with the proper repairing.

All Terran buildings and all Terran units except for the Infantry units trained in the Barracks (Marine, Firebat, Medic Ghost) are capable of being repaired. Simply select one or more SCVs and right click on the unit, or hit the R button and click on the damaged unit or building. If they are at full health, you will receive a message indicating that they do not need to be repaired.

Repair units and buildings in the Air
SCVs can repair all Terran air units as well as buildings that maybe in the air after lifting off. Simply select a SCV and right click on the unit in the air and the SCV will move to repair it if the damaged unit can be accessed on the ground.

Repair Fees
When you repair, you will be charged a fee. If the unit or building requires only Minerals to build or train it, you will be charged in Minerals to repair, meaning you won't need gas to repair it. If the unit, or building requires both Minerals and Gas, you will need, and be charged in, both minerals and gas to repair it.

More workers, the better
The more SCVs you devote to repairing a building or unit, the faster those units are repaired. However, note that SCVs cannot build buildings any faster in greater numbers.

Can you repair units or buildings of other races (Zerg/Protoss)?

SCVs can repair each other.
Terrans have the unique advantage of being able to quickly and fully repair their resource gatherers. The Protoss can recharge the shields of probes (Protoss worker unit) but they cannot repair any damage to the probes health. The Zerg workers (Drones) will regain full health on their own, but you cannot speed up the process.

If your SCVs are damaged, you can assign a SCV to repair the other damaged SCVs. By queuing repair orders, you can easily and quickly repair all damaged SCVs.

Repair Locked-down Units
You can repair locked down units. If someone locks down your units, you can command a bunch of SCVs to repair a unit until the lockdown wears off or reinforcements arrive. You may find this especially useful when trying to keep expensive units alive, such as Battlecruisers or units that are very important for defense such as Siege Tanks in siege mode.

Repair Crew
You'll find repairing much easier if you assign a group of 4 SCVs or so (more SCVs repair faster) to a control group (press and hold Control and press a number from 0-9). This will assign them to the number you pressed, then, when you are ready to use them, simply hit that number and command them.

Place the Repair crew in an open area, or let them mine until you are ready for them. Then when you have a group of damaged units you sent back to repair, hit the number you assigned them to and move them out to work on the damaged units.

Queue Multiple Repairs
You can easily repair a group of units with a simple command. What you do is select the repair crew via the number you assigned them, or group select some SCVs, next hold down shift, and while shift is depressed, hit the R button or right click on a unit you wanted repaired. Next while still holding shift, hit R again, and select another damaged unit/building (or right click). Repeat for as many units or buildings that are damaged or until the command queue max of 8 is reached. When you are finished repeating this process, let go of the shift button and the SCVs will start their work. If you put enough space between the damaged units, and practice this maneuver, you will find you will be able to repair multiple units more quickly.

Queue Multiple Repairs then return to mining
Do you have this problem: You tell your SCVs to repair a list of units, then you come back and find them sitting around when they could be mining Minerals or gas instead? Wouldn't it be great if you could tell the SCVs to repair a bunch of units then return to mining? Well you can. Follow all of the above instructions for Queuing Multiple repairs and then for your last command, Right Click on a mineral spot then release the shift button. The SCVs will repair the list of units then they will move to the Mineral spot to mine. Because you clicked them all on the same spot, they will get in line for the Mineral spot wasting a little time, but this is better than having them just sit around isn't it? If you want to go to the trouble of telling each SCV to repair a group of units then select a different Mineral Chunk for each SCV, this is possible, but you will find that will take quite a long time to issue those commands and it really isn't worth the trouble. You might want to try it, however, if you want perfect control over your troops.

Repair buildings/units while they are being attacked.
You can extend the life of your buildings and units by having a group of SCVs repairing them during a battle. This is an advantage of the Terrans not possible with the other two races. Select one or more SCV and continually right click on the unit you want repaired during the battle. You must continue to right click because SCVs have a habit of running away from the battle, and you must keep right clicking to make them continue to repair it through the battle. You can do the same with buildings as well as units in the air such as a Battlecruiser.

Repairing Refineries.
To repair a refinery you need to select a SCV and select Repair or R and click on the refinery rather than right clicking on it. If you right click on the refinery, the SCV will mine gas instead of repairing it.

Repairing Dropships.
If there is room for the SCV in the Dropship, to repair a Dropship you must select repair and click on the Dropship rather than right clicking on it. If there is room for the SCV it will enter the Dropship rather than repairing it.

Repairing Bunkers.
If a Bunker is damaged and you right click on it with your SCV, the SCV will move to repair it rather than enter the Bunker. If the Bunker is not damaged and there is room for the SCV, right clicking will on the Bunker will move the SCV into Bunker. If you want to have a SCV enter a damaged Bunker without repairing it, you must click on the Bunker and select Load or Hot key L and click on the SCV. This will allow a SCV to enter a damaged Bunker without repairing it.


Infantry Armor Infantry Armor
Level 1: 100 100
Level 2: 175 175
Level 3: 250 250
Researching these three upgrades at the Engineering Bay will increase the armor of your SCVs +3.

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