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Hit Points: 50
Size: Small
Supply: 1
Cost: 50 25
Build Time: 24
Trained at: Barracks
Requires: Barracks, Academy
Ground Attack: 16cs (Upgrade to +6)
Air Attack: None
Range: 2
Sight: 7
Armor: 1 (Upgrade to +3)
Dropship Carries: 8 Firebats
Production Hot key: F

A Confederate Firebat Firebats do Splash damage. The Splash damage affects only enemy units. It will not hurt your own units even in close tight battles.

Equipped with powerful, twin arm-mounted "Perdition" flame throwers, these fearless warriors serve as assault troopers for those close encounters. Fire Bat Power Suits are heavier, more durable, and much more heat resistant than Marine armor, and provide additional squad-level support.

Multiple Firebats with overlapping fire streams do great damage. The Damage is Concussive Attack (50% damage to Medium Units 25% damage to Large Units).

Firebats are most effective against small units, especially great against Zerglings and resource gathers and decent against Zealots. They are less effective against other medium to larger units. Avoid using them against such Medium size units as Hydralisks which will slaughter them. Also avoid using Firebats against Marines in numbers with the range upgrade.

Avoid sending them into battle in a long line, bunch them up in a tight side by side formation so their flames will overlap causing more damage.

A more specialized Terran unit, it does have its place. Firebats in Bunkers work great against Zealot and Zergling attacks but less so against other attacks such as Hydralisks and Marines. You may want to rotate the units in your Bunkers depending on what you are being attacked by. If all Zerglings or Zealots, use all Firebats. If they are using a mix of forces, 3 Marines and 1 Firebat is a nice combination, and if you are being attacked by Hydralisks, and Marines solely, use all Marines.

Place groups of Firebats in Dropships. Unload and Stim Pack them in the enemy's resources.

A key weakness of the Firebat is its inability to attack air targets. Keep this in mind providing air defense for your Firebats.


Terran Counters

  • Marines work best here. Marines with Stim Pack. Marines in Bunkers.

  • Later on, use Vultures and Spider Mines.

  • Siege Tanks can fire on groups of Firebats at long distances.

  • Cast Irradiate on groups of Firebats.

  • Use Wraiths and Battlecruisers because Firebats cannot attack air targets.


Protoss players sometimes run into trouble fighting Stim Packed Firebats. Zealots can be slaughtered by the Firebats unless you outnumber them, and they are not controlled properly by the enemy.

  • Firebats have difficulty destroying Dragoons. Build up a group of Dragoons and use them to attack the Firebats if the enemy continues to build lots of Firebats. Use Shield Batteries to keep them alive. Use Dragoons in combination with Zealots against Firebats.

  • If no Dragoons are available, try to outnumber the Firebats with Zealots.

  • Catch Firebats while they are moving in single file lines catching them by surprise

  • Build Reavers later on as they can easily destroy them.

  • Use Scouts and Carriers to attack them from the air since they cannot respond to the attack.


  • Use Hydralisks. The Hydralisk only does 1/2 damage against Firebats (because it does explosive damage). The Firebat is doing only 1/2 damage to the Hydralisks because it does Concussive damage (50% to Medium units). Make sure you have the Grooved Spines upgrade to fire at the Firebats from further away.

  • Use Mutalisks and Guardians later on.

  • Do not use Zerglings unless you severely outnumber the Firebats.

Infantry Weapons Infantry Weapons
Level 1: 100 100
Level 2: 175 175
Level 3: 250 250
Researching these three upgrades at the Engineering Bay will increase the weapons of your Firebat by +6 (+2 per Weapons Upgrade).

Infantry Armor Infantry Armor
Level 1: 100 100
Level 2: 175 175
Level 3: 250 250
Researching these three upgrades at the Engineering Bay will increase the armor of your Firebat by +3.

Special Abilities

Stim Pack Research Stim Pack Tech - 100 100
Cost: 10 Health
By far the most useful upgrade for your Firebats, Stim Packs when used, allow Firebats to both fire at a faster rate and their ground speed also increases significantly. There is a cost however, 10 hit points are lost for every use of Stim pack. If Firebats are at 10 hit points or less you cannot use them because doing so would kill them.

Stim Packs are not a permanent effect. They last for a few seconds then the Marine or Firebat reverts back to it's normal state. Be careful not to waste hit points with needless Stim Packs. Only use Stim Pack when you are already fighting the enemy, or are about to be attacked. Casting multiple Stim Packs at the same time does not give any added benefit. Therefore, only use one at a time. Wait until the Stim Packs have worn off before using them again.

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